How Coronavirus is disrupting the ad world?

Hi there, hopefully you are safe & sound and practising social distancing. The Covid-19 outbreak has affected all forms of life and businesses. We covered the impact of Covid-19 on Indian e-commerce in our last blog. In a similar manner, we will glance over the current situation for the advertising industry. It is no secret that the advertising industry is bearing plenty of losses due to many cancellations. The outdoor advertising has taken the biggest hit due to the lockdown. The relevance of online advertising has also decreased. As of 21st March, the Corona virus scare has already delivered a scary blow of  ₹5,000 crore to advertising according to livemint. The postponement of the IPL cricket tournament alone had an ad spending of ₹2,500 crore. Currently the delaying of the event has caused anxiety but if the lockdown increases, this state of anxiety will soon change into a state of panic. The moral dilemma is obviously to prioritize the safety of the general public, but that does not take away from the economic loss this pandemic is causing by the day. The summer season, which pulls almost ₹2,000 crore of ad expenditure on many industries like customer durables, tourism, eatbles and other consumer goods is still at risk. 

According to livemint, “Coronavirus impact: Over 50% of India Inc sees impact on ops, 80% witness fall in cash flow ” this was based on The findings through interactive sessions and surveys conducted by FICCI amongst the industry members. 

The Media industry professionals claim that the effect of these activations of BTL promotions being canned completely can have serious implications. This is due to the product launches being postponed. 

In another interview, Anand Bhadkamkar, chief executive, Dentsu Aegis Network India said that

“It is going to continue for two weeks at least in the metros. Most of the clients are postpoing and pulling back on launches and promotions if the situation doesn’t become better it will have ramifications. The ad spend projections are shifting with digital consumption increasing we might be witnessing an uptick in digital ad spends. The economy itself is struggling and the clients will cut back on their spends completely therefore next two to three months are critical. This is the evaluating and holding back stage by advertisers but the impact is being felt all across” 

Due to the lockdown, more people are spending time indoors and on online activities engaging in different types of video, news and social media content. There is a rise in demand for different categories like DIY or tech products. There is a high probability that other categories will see an immediate fall, but is a viable option to keep engaging in non pushy branding activities. This means to stay visible across different platforms but don’t spend too much as it will not get you any business. 

The Indian economy is fighting tooth-and-nail to stay afloat, with the current scenario, digital advertising is no exception. The lockdown can be the cause of many startups having existential challenges. Small businesses in advertising have two priorities (besides the safety and health of employees and their families). The first is to survive the disruption and other to wait till the lockdown is over to recover from disruption. The bond between the advertising ecosystem members like advertisers, agencies and suppliers is extremely essential to survive during these times. The interdependence of these members is crucial, if the advertisers will pull the plug, it can have long term repercussions on the publishers and their organizations. 

Mumbai Civic bodies have asked OOH owners to carry Coronavirus awareness ads and replace their respective clients’ ads. The hoarding owners have to bear the cost, however the license cost for the number of days these ads will run, will be rebated later. This mandate was meant for 10 days from 16th March onwards, however one still observes the ads have not been removed as the number of infected cases are only increasing by the day. 

Even though there is a huge shift in consumer behaviour, there is a notable increase in online traffic. But advertisements in many industries like hospitality, tourism, transport, luxury and sports are paused. There is a race amongst the online gaming and streaming services to access the new displaced audience as their numbers surge, they want to tap into bigger pools to attract larger audiences. 

Analysing a report from IAB and the impact of coronavirus on the ad-spend, more than 74% of the media buyers, brand and planners said that the pandemic will have a bigger impact on the advertising industry than the 2008 crisis. It may sound scary, but it is not far from the truth. The financial crisis has started knocking on doors and it may as well knock down many small scale startups on its way.  

The IAB report on Indian advertising estimates that almost 70% of buyers have modified or paused their planned ad spend, on the other hand almost 16% are still pondering on what actions to take. The digital ad expenditure is down by 33% and the conventional media is down by 39%. The majority of bigger brands and advertising giants (63%) have changed their brand messages and are digressing towards contributing to spread the word and urge people to stay home and stay safe. There is a rise of 41% in cause-related marketing. 

Moneycontrol said that the brands feel that if they are not producing anything then they have no need to advertise, and this has proven to be fatal for the industry. More advertising is not reciprocating to more business. The indefinite nature of the lockdown is starting to cause panic in the industry.  


To summarize, things are not looking good for the advertising industry from the current standpoint. But, it doesn’t say that things will not get better. Once the lockdown is over, life returns to its normal form, there will be major surges in consumption, resulting in a bigger advertising budget. The brands will scratch and claw to get to the top and reach out to as many audiences as possible. Contributing to the above study, at Taglr’s own exclusive ad platform ShopperAds, there is a gradual decrease of 60% in traffic since the lockdown began. The only viable option here for the industry is to hang on and survive this phase together. The advertisers and the publishers have to trust their business bonds and strategize accordingly. As soon as the lockdown is over and you get back in business, don’t go all out on ad expenditure, analyse and understand the user behaviour before you engage. In the meantime, stay home and stay safe.    

WFH during Covid-19 outbreak

In the wake of panic and confusion over the Covid-19 pandemic, corporates around the globe have rolled out mandatory work from home practice for employees. The outbreak has resulted in the outset of remote working on a grand scale. The importance of Work From Home has never been more critical until now. It is not a new concept and has been adopted successfully by various companies around the globe since more than a decade. There might be some companies who simply do not have the option to work remotely, for those of us who do, should make the most of this opportunity by giving 100% to your work and being thankful to your employers. Here are a few tips that will keep you productive and help you deal with this situation effectively.

Get Organised – Keep your workstations as clean as possible and clear the clutter. A clean and simple work space will grant you more focus, peace of mind, and productivity.

Plan  – Plan your tasks ahead of time, before you start, chalk out the list of tasks you will be working on for the day. Schedule time slots for each activity, this helps you complete your tasks on time and reduces stress.

Communicate – Keep all your communication channels open example – internal employee messaging tools, email, video calls, Skype etc. This will create synergy between teams and workflow will be smooth.

Get Clarity – Have a clear understanding of what is expected out of you and deliver.

Set Reminders – Use reminder tools example calendars to prioritize your tasks.

Breaks – Prepare and follow a break schedule. Remind yourself to get up from your seat and stretch.Take that coffee break or anything that helps you keep a healthy mental balance.Stay hydrated.

Downtime – Once you are done with work, listen to your favorite song, maybe shake a leg and keep your spirits high. Exercise indoors to keep your blood circulating. 

Topmost benefit of working remotely is the flexibility it offers. Multitasking has never been easy and one can find the right balance between managing work commitments and personal responsibilities effectively. Individuals will find themselves with more time on hand since it eliminates your daily commute to work. It creates positive well being as more work is done and you still have time to spend with your loved ones.

Employers must give more autonomy to their employees and micromanage as little as possible for the setting to become successful. Employees should return the favor by engaging in behaviors that foster collective collaboration aimed at accomplishing business objectives.

Interdependence amongst business units could prove to be a challenge during such settings however if teams are well synergized and workforce is competent, work from home can benefit both the company as well as the employee. Every individual, team, business unit, work group must come together to ensure total performance of the organization is not impacted during such challenging times. The productivity of the organization is a function of the productivity of each of those individuals, teams and business units. Although productivity is a major concern for organizations right now, the ultimate deciding factor now is the dedication and commitment of your workforce that will pave the way for total performance of the organization.

We at Taglr would like to thank all its employees for their efforts and contributions and encourage you to stay Home, Healthy and Happy during such testing times.

Covid-19 and the Indian e-commerce: A statistical overview

In the light of current events, there is plenty of havoc and chaos around you. The global effect on life, business and finance is visible. Due to these unforeseen circumstances there is a massive fluctuation in the economy resulting in the sudden rise and fall of businesses around the world. In the blog we will analyze the data and simplify the effect the pandemic has on the Indian e-commerce industry. It is important to note that much of this data is documented before 15th March, the current and future data may vary.  

Let’s start with the basic human nature of panic buying. I’m sure that you have heard the news of people panic buying and leaving the super markets empty for those in need of essential products. This sudden surge in the offline and the online industry has sparked certain concerns and has led to many duplicates being made and circulated in the market. Here is a graphical representation of the stockpiling behaviour which is higher in asian countries as compared to the rest of the world. As clearly visible in the chart that Indians are second in piling up on food and highest in stocking up on water. The question asked during the survey was ‘Have you started stocking up food or water to protect yourself from COVID-19?”. Answering the question 32% of Indians said that they are stocking up on food whereas 34% said that they are stocking up on water. This number has increased over the past few days as even after multiple assurances that vegetables and grocery shops will remain open during lockdown, people are still crowding stores and stockpiling food for months in the fear that the stores may close down like other businesses. 

Charts via Ipsos MORI 

According to Similarweb data, there has been an average 3.01% decrease in the global e-commerce sector just in the past week. The global e-commerce sector is highly affected as many e-commerce services are terminated due to the outbreak. In India Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and many other websites have stopped their services indefinitely. Amazon is delivering essentials but on a very minor scale. There is a new trend of many grocery shops providing home delivery as the country is on a 21 day lockdown effective from 25th March 2020. The delivery personnel working in these sectors are at a great risk in order to deliver the essentials to households.   

According to the below listed graph, much of the population started using e-commerce to purchase products that they would normally buy in-store. This data was documented in the beginning of the outbreak, due to the recent lockdown in India and other countries the services are terminated by the government until further notice. People are buying basic amenities through offline stores. Before the lockdown almost 55% of Indians started using e-commerce to purchase items that they mostly bought offline. 25% of Indians said that it is less likely that they will use e-commerce websites, as they still find offline stores easily accessible and more reliable. For 14% of Indians there is no difference and they didn’t change their buying patterns at all. The rest 7% of the audience did not use e-commerce services for their household essentials and they are still rushing out of their houses to buy basic products from their nearby stores. 

As we glanced over the e-commerce buying behaviour before the lockdown, let’s analyze the data of personal financial impact due to coronavirus. The developed, developing and underdeveloped countries are facing a spell of financial crises on international, national and personal level. 75% of Indians agree that they will be financially impacted due to the virus outbreak. This was documented before 15th March, as the lockdown commenced, all the small and big businesses have been impacted. The groceries, eatables and medical stores stay open to cater to the basic needs of people. These precautionary methods may have a financial cost and can impact business for a longer time but it was needed as the current situation related to the pandemic is getting worse. Many countries like the USA, Australia are still not ready for a complete lockdown and the cases are surging at an alarming rate in these countries. According to The Hindu, the Indian Prime Minister declared that there will be a Covid-19 economic task force headed by the Financial Minister to tackle the financial situation due to the pandemic. The members are yet to be selected and set, but it will be important for the economy to see the measures taken by this authority to rectify the situation. 

Being optimistic and hopeful is very important in times like these. Besides the global meltdown and panic. Globally,all the countries are pouring efforts and resources in flattening the curve. The lockdowns are imposed till mid April in many countries. The situation is estimated to get better by June. 80% of Indian believe that the situation will return to normal in the next three months. The trajectory of the pandemic is narrating a different story altogether. Some studies say that it may take as long as September to make the situation better. The confirmed cases in India are above 500 now, with the imposition of the lockdown, it may be contained, but that is at the discretion of time. 

You must have seen all the queues and crowds in the supermarkets and independent stores. People are hoarding on basic essentials and leaving the shelves empty. The shortage of products is because of two reasons i.e. the stockpiling of food and other products or the disruption in the supply and distribution. As per the data provided below, 60% of Indians believe that stockpiling is the reason why there may be a shortage of food and other items whereas the rest 40% believe that there is a disruption in the supply chain and distribution.  

This pandemic has put a lot of perspective in the world. There are many different studies and analyses that project different results. The number of cases are increasing by the hour and the authorities are taking adequate measures to fight the situation. In this case, it is difficult to estimate the complete impact on the Indian e-commerce. The industry is mainly shut until further notice. Many shoppers have undelivered packages that they ordered a day or two before the lockdown. Provided the data in the above blog, it can be said that there is a sense of panic in the general public as the Coronavirus cases are increasing. The best thing to do is to adhere to all the measures taken by the government and maintain social distancing. Let’s hope and pray for the situation to get back to normal at the earliest possible. 

How pricing, promotion, analytics, and technology can help you become a successful multichannel retailer

As you are aware, the organizational planning and implementation is essential for controlling a multichannel strategy. The strategy is important to know that the shoppers, irrespective of the sales channel they are using, should get quality and consistent services. In this blog we are discussing the importance of  pricing, promotion, analytics, and technology to become a successful multi-channel retailer. 

Let’s track each and every step with an example. Let’s say any shopper decides to buy a smartphone. The first thing to consider is the price, what are the best options in that budget? Should you buy it directly from your favorite website? Should you buy from the store? Should you compare prices? Should you check the reviews? And many other questions. This customer journey will help the retailers with many touch points. Let’s contemplate the factors on multichannel marketing.  


Considering our imaginary product, the shopper is navigating through multiple popular e-commerce websites. What is the person looking for? The lowest price possible. It can be in the form of cashback or loyalty points. If the shopper can find a cheaper price at other websites what would that mean for you? And if you cannot reduce the price at your end, what other things can you add in the projected prices which may include additional warranties, discounts on further purchases and some freebies. If organizations can manage and invest in Product Information Management (PIM), these systems can help them by managing product information. This information is released on different media outlets, websites, and catalogs. Your company has to manage a uniform price across all the channels to provide uniformity. 


As we referred to the hypersensitivity of prices, organizations have to take care of the promotions they are dispersing across different channels. We can go back to the smartphone example. Imagine if the smartphone offer was different on one website and drastically changes on the other one. How would that impact the shopper? And what brand image that can establish on the mass shoppers. Your marketing budget can be finite and the sales channels are growing by the day, so without a clear understanding of the purchase path and the role of sales channels in each step, there are plenty of uninformed promotional investments. If you get a hold of the correct data, you can target the right promotional strategy to help the customer throughout the shopping journey.  


Let’s take one step further in our imaginary journey of a smartphone, for instance, you have already purchased a smartphone online. The organization selling it is continuously investing in search engine optimization to ensure that it is easily found on the internet. This organization is making sure that its search results respond to the ‘latest’ + ‘smartphone’ + ‘best price’ and other important keywords. This organization is also maintaining its Facebook and other social media platforms with happy stories from its happy customers. Even though it is complicated, it is important to refer to the analytics, because it will help you understand the shopper, and decide the where and how of the investment. This will help you understand how each of the channels is performing and how to optimize the shopper experience. 


Technology will be playing such an important role in a multichannel marketing strategy. As mentioned previously a PIM system manages all the information that has to be shared on other media channels. In the same manner, the inventory management systems can help in adding transparency in the product inventory control and distribution. Technology is also helping in understanding what type of engagement is each channel drawing. By using these, the organizations can make sure that the services provided are even and uniform across all the channels. 


To strategize, you have to understand the journey of the customer. The current shoppers are researching on multiple platforms before making a purchase. It is not a linear process anymore, there are multiple activities, technology and channels involved. Thinking about the shoppers’ journey will help you to add more context. 

Fostering a Healthy Work Culture

It is a fact that people do not do well in a command and control based environment. Without the right climate, quick fixes designed to improve employee morale such high pay packages are unlikely to make an impact on achieving overall company objectives. Any company can offer a better pay package, the only competitive advantage an employer can offer, that is unique, is its work environment. At Taglr, all employees are treated as mature adults and are given freedom and autonomy in their work. High trust workplaces are more likely to create high productivity. People who feel micromanaged are unlikely to be engaged in their work completely and feel demotivated. We at Taglr aim at providing a supportive climate and have enabled reasonable degrees of freedom and autonomy as we understand it is becoming more crucial to foster a win-win situation for employees and their employers. 

The idea is to give more responsibility to employees, most people will rise to the occasion and take it as an opportunity and a challenge to showcase their talent and abilities. Employers, in turn, will also be able to easily identify and manage such individuals. We at Taglr follow an Open Door Policy. Workplace formalities should be as less as possible, fostering an open door policy to create a healthy culture. Creating a scope for achieving a good work-life balance should be a priority example of providing flexible hours.

Well designed offices make a significant difference in how people feel about their work. Employers need to create a fun and challenging work environment in which employees have the freedom of taking initiatives that enable high performance and productivity. Employees find working with state of the art tools and equipments which are highly appealing and fun. Taglr has been providing its employees with the latest laptops, desktops, and systems that will go a long way in creating a healthy and motivating work environment.

One can never underestimate the power of quality work assigned to individuals in making them feel valued. For example, in IT firms, individuals working on cutting edge technology creates a high demand for its workforce. This, in turn, will make the employees feel valued and committed. Every employee working at Taglr knows what are their short term goals that will enable us as an organization collectively to achieve long term goals through well defined OKRs. Individuals must know what is expected of them and should understand how those expectations impact the overall objectives of the organization via Objective Key Results (OKR). Focusing on recognizing talent and providing career advancement opportunities to such individuals will help create a committed workforce. Honest feedback mechanisms should be used to raise and correct performance and fair rewards to be given to individuals who have delivered exceptional performance. Organizations need to be away from discrimination based on sex, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc while dealing with current or potential employees. Employers need to ensure that their policies and selection methods are unbiased and fair.

A healthy team is one in which individual members in a team cooperate with each other, act in a way to promote a friendly climate and resolve team conflicts. As a team member one should protect their group reputation with outsiders as well as their teammates. At Taglr we encourage maximum contact between managers, team leaders, and their members to achieve a mutual understanding of expectations and provide a means of two-way communication.

Celebrate “Her” this International Women’s Day

What is ‘love and care’ if not expressed properly? There are so many days to celebrate different people in our lives, and International Women’s Day is no different. This 8th of March, make sure that you are making all the women in your life feel special. We do understand that it is not an easy task to make someone feel special, and sometimes the most time-consuming thing can be finding the right gift to convey how you feel. We have shortlisted a few categories that you can choose from based on your relationship. Let’s begin:

For Your Home Ministers and Deputy Home Ministers: 

There is no love compared to the one you get at your home. Get your mother, grandmother and/or sister something personalized.  You have a lot of options to choose from. There are generic items like keychains, cushions, cups, smartphone covers or something a bit more up the ante like a mini-bobblehead or those mini-caricatures. There are plenty of websites to help you, where you send a picture and they mould your gift accordingly. Personalized gifts add a special touch, and they are a reminder of special memories and occasions.  

For Your Office Confidant: 

There is always that one office colleague that saves you from all your office troubles and gets food for you. Make her feel special by getting something for her office desk. It can either be a plant or a decoration piece. Many online sellers have a huge range of office products like pen-stands, superhero action figures or special calendars with her favourite things. If you work in a team with many female acquaintances, get something small to thank them for the times they have saved you from trouble in the office. 

For Your Best Buddy:

Remember all the times when your best friend has stayed with you through thick and thin. What better way to say ‘thank you’. If you know her favourite brand, you can make your purchase based on that. Many girls are loyal to a particular brand. Identify the one brand she is loyal to, and buy her anything you want from there. They are sure to love it. There are items like headphones, mobile accessories, and many others. So, if you are confused, just get an item from their favourite brand and see the joy when they open your gift and realize that you kept in mind their likes and dislikes. 

For Your Better Half:

Your girlfriend or your wife, who is making your life better one day at a time. On women’s day, you are celebrating the fact that their presence has affected your life and made it better. This Women’s Day, add something to their wardrobe like handbags, scarves, watches, sunglasses, cosmetics or any fashion accessories. If you think you have to do the tedious task of shopping from multiple websites, you can search on Taglr- India’s Shopping Search Engine, and browse products from more than 180 websites. You can thank us later.  

For Your Mentor:

There are many women you meet along the way who have shaped your life for the better. They can be your teachers, your office seniors or your boss at work. You can get her a great book depending on their interest. If your mentor is not an avid reader, then get her something smaller or picture-based. You can even get them a subscription to a magazine and get it delivered to their home or work address. 

Make sure that this International Women’s Day you are celebrating all the women, who have added so much to your life. It is said that action speaks louder than words. So get a gift, make a gesture, but do something. Show your love and appreciation in a pronounced manner. The joy of receiving a single thank you will mean so much to all the women, irrespective of your relationship with them. You can even try reaching out to old female friends, teachers, and colleagues with whom you haven’t spoken to in a long time and thank them for making a difference in your life. We at Taglr would like to wish all the amazing ladies a very Happy Women’s Day and say thank you for everything they do to make lives better. 

Funky Mobile Covers

Looking for mobile covers is difficult due to a plethora of choices available at multiple online stores. We’ve identified peculiar styles of popular websites that can help you simplify your decisions. To help you, we are listing the top retailers to search online and find the smartphone covers of your choice. Whether you have an iPhone or an android, all you want is a case that protects your smartphone and is stylish to look at. You can easily find tough, stylish and fashionable cases on the below listed sellers. If you are worried that to find your favourite cover you have to go the trouble of navigating through each and every website, you can find all of them at one platform: Taglr-India’s Shopping search Engine

The Souled Store:

The Souled store has a very quirky range of phone covers. Their products are based on catchphrases, superheroes and patterns. If you want your smartphone cover to flaunt your favourite Marvel or DC character then The Souled Store can provide you with the best possible options. We have chosen this Deadpool cover for the fun you and the Joker for the mischievous you. Head to this link and get your favourite comic character cover now. 

Daily Objects:

This brand will offer you designer and customizable smartphone cases and features a unique collection which is hard to find anywhere else. Daily objects is a premium brand for your premium taste in smartphone covers. If you want your smartphone cover to reflect your personality, whether it is a dreamcatcher with vibrant pink background or showcasing your love for beer. We have listed these two options that you may love, check this out. 


One of the fastest growing names in the fashion industry. Bewakoof is a well known online store with a variety of products for men and women. They have a great collection of mobile covers. The design aesthetic is very similar to that of their t-shirt collection, with trendy and catchy quotes and superhero sigils. Get the smartphone cover that matches your swag or mood. Checkout this “Tu 13 Dekh” and “Sanskari” covers from Bewakoof. 


If you are a person of good taste, then you leave it to Redwolf to impress you. They have the latest pop culture references !  You can find great mobile covers based on your favourite movie, cartoon, web-series and quotes. Whether you are a fan of Sacred Games or Game of Thrones, you will find symbols and quotes from all the popular series. Their collection is pocket-friendly and the quality is durable. If you want value for your money, then Redwolf is the platform for you.  


If you like vibrant and popping colours with a dash of culture, then Chumbak is the online store that you may love. Check this blue smartphone cover for the royal in you. Who doesn’t like a king sipping tea? For your peculiar taste and your love for Indian colours you can also choose this cute owl

India Circus:

Dramatic colours and great patterns, these are the two things that you will find in all the India Circus smartphone covers. We have chosen this great piece that says “I Love India” with pop colours. There are also a lot of options with geometric patterns, just like this red and black cover which dramatically depicts a skyscraper

Fizz Express

Fizz Express is primarily for girls for whom there is nothing called too much pink. Channel your inner diva with matching smartphone covers that can match your style quotient. FIzz Express ensures that there are enough extravagant options available for you.  You can choose the cute bunny cover or the one with extra elegant flowers and fur. So dump your boring, plain cover and order a Fizz Express smartphone cover now. 

Need for Reward and Recognition (R and R)

R & R concerns with implementation and execution of processes that aim to identify and reward people fairly and in accordance with the value they create in an organization. Recognition needs are linked to the esteem needs mentioned in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Individuals need to know not only how well they have achieved their objectives but also that their achievements are appreciated. It creates a sense of confidence and commitment in the organization.
R and R helps in attracting and retaining a skilled and competent workforce thus making the way for identifying and managing talent. R and R sets the bar for performance standards and sends the right message of what is expected from employees in terms of performance as well as behaviour. It encourages individuals and teams to do the right thing by aligning company objectives with individual and team goals, thereby gaining their commitment and engagement. R and R not only supports the development of teamwork but also a performance driven culture. A good R & R process includes competence and achievement of objectives in performance management reviews so employees can focus with their managers on expected outcomes in performance and behaviour. An effective reward system rewards and recognizes people on the basis of their contribution to the organization rather than relying on promotions as a reward for their loyalty and service i.e. Rewards should be based on performance and not loyalty. It is important to remember one size won’t fit all. It is not feasible to create a set of rewards that is universally appealing to all employees. Hence reward systems should not be absolute and rigid. It needs to be customizable that fits with your culture and short/long term company objectives.

Why is search centric AI changing the e-commerce landscape?

It is very common for customers to abandon shopping experiences because the product results shown are irrelevant. Many e-commerce platforms are trying to enhance the part AI plays in searches to the extent, where the e-commerce search engines should be thinking the way humans do. Now that there are multiple platforms in the market and the race is to be better than your competition. The search results need to narrow, contextualise and ultimately improve the outcome. Lately, plenty of search results are increasing their visual elements. The basic idea is to configure AI and machine learning in such a way that it starts contemplating as you do. The leveraging of machine learning and AI to automatically prioritize and label content based on the features of the image or description. These labels can also be modified to read and use assets like keyword tags. 

Technologies like AI are giving the e-commerce business a competitive edge and it is at the dispersal of developers and businesses of smaller and larger magnitude. The most common visual recognition platform is Google Lens, where you can take an image and find similar results. One of the latest examples of visual recognition is also used by Pinterest. You can select any image and then ask Pinterest to show you similar results. The image recognition helps its AI to configure and procure similar images. The shopping experiences are becoming more refined, the shoppers are rapidly saying bye to impulse control as the innovative visual search capabilities are motivating them to search more.  

Ai is helping shoppers to find complementary products regardless of size, shape, material, color and even brand. The capabilities of these softwares is astounding. These softwares collect visual imagery from the uploaded product and collect visual cues to find products that match. AI provides an ease to a level where the shoppers don’t have to search for their desired products specifically. The top results for their past searches and habits accumulate to provide a logical list that matches their search history and product search. For example, if you like a pair of shoes on someone, and you have a visual, you can easily search with the AI, as it enables you to find similar items through online/e-commerce stores. 

With the dawn of the new shopping era, the expectations of shoppers is increasing by the hour. They want the time between demand and supply to be minimized. It is becoming more and more difficult to satisfy customers without compromising on quality. 

In India, many big names such as Flipkart are also experimenting with AI and machine learning. They are navigating through qualities of catalog, size recommendations, and even avoiding fraud orders. The recommendation algorithm has to work like the best salesman in the company i.e. the one who is great at upselling. The buyer’s behavior is playing a major role in these search results. These outcomes are helping to elevate the customer experience which can help in increasing sales. There are also options to compare prices, features, and descriptions. These comparison helps you to put together all the product variants you are interested in and choose the best option. 

With endless categories on e-commerce websites, it becomes a tad bit difficult for any business to keep an eye on the live inventory. AI is changing the ways of inventory management. You can easily understand it this way, as soon as the last item is purchased, the system deems it out of stock. With the help of AI, organizations can keep a track of all the orders, it can help in managing the inventory in warehouses and ensure that the organization has enough stock, particularly in the cases of products which are in high demand. 

Security has always been a concern while shopping online. Many customers fear that their data can be misused. The importance of cyber-security in the e-commerce industry is the need of the hour. AI is helping to a great extent by identifying red flags and eliminating the chances of fraud.

AI is being used by various e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Taglr in the form of the chatbox, inventory management, behavioral insights, strategizing and contextual messaging. We at Taglr firmly believe that AI and machine learning will bring a great difference in profits and growth. We are excited to see how the Indian e-commerce platforms will be procuring new techniques to incorporate AI and make it a part of their business. 

10 fashion websites you cannot miss

The fashion industry is ever-evolving, with upcoming websites and new platforms. Many of these websites are selling on social media platforms. There are multiple independent websites that are making their mark amongst the big e-commerce websites. These homegrown brands and their products are paying great attention to their production, demand, and trends. We have made a list of a few websites in India that you cannot miss if you are a fashion fanatic. 


The website is home to all the different types of shirts for men. It helps you personalize to the extent where you can even customize your shirt. 16stiches have formal, informal and kidswear. The website navigation is very easy, you have to choose a fabric, design, and size, viola you will have your shirt delivered to you. Based on your order value, they even provide free delivery. This customizatization makes this platform very unique. The website traffic is organic and they even promote it on social media. The fashion world is considered to be predominantly female but few websites cater to the fashion needs of men as well.  


If you are looking for a luxury brand with a bit of Indianness, then Andamen is the right balance between the two. Its premiunesqe aesthetic is helping the brand to build a strong brand image. They provide you a plethora of options like formal and casual wear along with accessories like a pocket square. As luxury is not affordable to all, hence Andamen is finding its limited but dedicated audience in the Indian market. Most of their traffic is still paid with less than 30% organic in the past six months according to similarweb.  


Amydus is working on a great concept to provide fashionable options to the plus-size Indian bodies. Their collection is vibrant and they provide an option in both western and Indian wear. This website is changing the landscape for body-positive fashion. The traffic at Amydus is still at a 60% & 40% ratio between organic and paid. If you have always faced issues to find great options for plus size clothes then you should check out Amydus. 


The trend of kurtis and traditional dresses is year-long in India. There is a possibility that the sales will peak during the festive season, but these products are sold round the clock across the year. If you are looking for chic fashion then Bunaai can be the destination for you. The products are pocket-friendly and you will get value for your money. As far as the website analytics go, most of their traffic is organic but they do need promotions to expand their reach. You can get kurtis for formal, casual and festive wear, all under the same website.    

The Souled Store:

The website is majorly dealing in fashion and accessories. It is a one-stop-shop for multiple products with a wide variety of range and options in all the categories. The souled store has options for both men and women. It also sells products like mobile covers. Even though their average visits have decreased from December 2019, the average time spent by a user is high at more than 3 minutes. If their retention rate is so promising then with the right motivation and deal, the brand can become much bigger. 

Rust Orange:

Rust Orange as a brand has great social media outreach. They have their selected top-performing products which they promote on Instagram, these products are a hook to get the shopper’s attention. Once the shopper is redirected, it is all up to the collection to retain the shoppers. On average every shopper is visiting 4 pages on the Rust Orange website, which is speaking volumes about their reach and positioning of their products. This brand has great potential given the fact that it has created such clientele in such a short amount of time.    

The Loom

The loom is a site of a different magnitude. The traffic flows from different countries like Canada, U.S.A, and Australia. This platform provides the cultural touch in women’s clothing, jewelry, and even handbags. Their variety of products are helping the brand gain recognition and interest from around the world. As a homegrown brand, an average shopper is spending a bit over 4 minutes on their platform. The website is very user-friendly and you even have an option of a 24-hour dispatch for your product.  


The brand brings a handful of products to choose from. You have options like mens fashion, women’s fashion, accessories, and grooming products. Their wellness products are becoming a favorite amongst the consumers. As for their website, Tjori is still struggling to find its feet amongst other competitive websites. They are becoming well-known for their decor and wellness range that other competitors are not offering. Their bounce rate is high with less than average time spent by the shoppers. Their product range and options are attractive, they just need a more pronounced presence to captivate the market.

These above-mentioned sights might seem too much homework to navigate through one at a time. So the best option is to find a platform that has all these websites in one place. Taglr – India’s shopping search engine is a platform with more than 180+ websites. There are more than 50 fashion websites to choose from. You can get the best prices and save a lot of time. If you are a seller, you have a great opportunity to promote your product and deals through their ad platform called ShopperAds

The Indian market needs to widen its horizon and open up to more independent websites. These websites are putting a lot of effort in production and marketing as they produce quality fashion and redefine the western to Indian bridge in the apparel and accessories industry.