10 fashion websites you cannot miss

The fashion industry is ever-evolving, with upcoming websites and new platforms. Many of these websites are selling on social media platforms. There are multiple independent websites that are making their mark amongst the big e-commerce websites. These homegrown brands and their products are paying great attention to their production, demand, and trends. We have made a list of a few websites in India that you cannot miss if you are a fashion fanatic. 


The website is home to all the different types of shirts for men. It helps you personalize to the extent where you can even customize your shirt. 16stiches have formal, informal and kidswear. The website navigation is very easy, you have to choose a fabric, design, and size, viola you will have your shirt delivered to you. Based on your order value, they even provide free delivery. This customizatization makes this platform very unique. The website traffic is organic and they even promote it on social media. The fashion world is considered to be predominantly female but few websites cater to the fashion needs of men as well.  


If you are looking for a luxury brand with a bit of Indianness, then Andamen is the right balance between the two. Its premiunesqe aesthetic is helping the brand to build a strong brand image. They provide you a plethora of options like formal and casual wear along with accessories like a pocket square. As luxury is not affordable to all, hence Andamen is finding its limited but dedicated audience in the Indian market. Most of their traffic is still paid with less than 30% organic in the past six months according to similarweb.  


Amydus is working on a great concept to provide fashionable options to the plus-size Indian bodies. Their collection is vibrant and they provide an option in both western and Indian wear. This website is changing the landscape for body-positive fashion. The traffic at Amydus is still at a 60% & 40% ratio between organic and paid. If you have always faced issues to find great options for plus size clothes then you should check out Amydus. 


The trend of kurtis and traditional dresses is year-long in India. There is a possibility that the sales will peak during the festive season, but these products are sold round the clock across the year. If you are looking for chic fashion then Bunaai can be the destination for you. The products are pocket-friendly and you will get value for your money. As far as the website analytics go, most of their traffic is organic but they do need promotions to expand their reach. You can get kurtis for formal, casual and festive wear, all under the same website.    

The Souled Store:

The website is majorly dealing in fashion and accessories. It is a one-stop-shop for multiple products with a wide variety of range and options in all the categories. The souled store has options for both men and women. It also sells products like mobile covers. Even though their average visits have decreased from December 2019, the average time spent by a user is high at more than 3 minutes. If their retention rate is so promising then with the right motivation and deal, the brand can become much bigger. 

Rust Orange:

Rust Orange as a brand has great social media outreach. They have their selected top-performing products which they promote on Instagram, these products are a hook to get the shopper’s attention. Once the shopper is redirected, it is all up to the collection to retain the shoppers. On average every shopper is visiting 4 pages on the Rust Orange website, which is speaking volumes about their reach and positioning of their products. This brand has great potential given the fact that it has created such clientele in such a short amount of time.    

The Loom

The loom is a site of a different magnitude. The traffic flows from different countries like Canada, U.S.A, and Australia. This platform provides the cultural touch in women’s clothing, jewelry, and even handbags. Their variety of products are helping the brand gain recognition and interest from around the world. As a homegrown brand, an average shopper is spending a bit over 4 minutes on their platform. The website is very user-friendly and you even have an option of a 24-hour dispatch for your product.  


The brand brings a handful of products to choose from. You have options like mens fashion, women’s fashion, accessories, and grooming products. Their wellness products are becoming a favorite amongst the consumers. As for their website, Tjori is still struggling to find its feet amongst other competitive websites. They are becoming well-known for their decor and wellness range that other competitors are not offering. Their bounce rate is high with less than average time spent by the shoppers. Their product range and options are attractive, they just need a more pronounced presence to captivate the market.

These above-mentioned sights might seem too much homework to navigate through one at a time. So the best option is to find a platform that has all these websites in one place. Taglr – India’s shopping search engine is a platform with more than 180+ websites. There are more than 50 fashion websites to choose from. You can get the best prices and save a lot of time. If you are a seller, you have a great opportunity to promote your product and deals through their ad platform called ShopperAds

The Indian market needs to widen its horizon and open up to more independent websites. These websites are putting a lot of effort in production and marketing as they produce quality fashion and redefine the western to Indian bridge in the apparel and accessories industry. 

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