The Future Of E-Commerce Is Augmented Reality

In this day and age where real is virtual and virtual is real, augmented reality is revolutionising the e-commerce industry and online shopping, one experience at a time. The Augmented reality also known as AR can add so much to the millennial shopping experience. As one of the most common challenges faced by the e-commerce industry is keeping the millennials engaged, to understand the needs of the customers and provide personalization. AR is the best way to reach out to such problems and provide a solution. The ultimate gap of personalization is filled with virtual reality. It enables the ‘try on’ experience. It gets easier for brands to boost their customer satisfaction and stand out.

Amongst all the new and emerging tech AR is taking the e-commerce industry by storm. With the help of AR the e-commerce has transformed itself into an advanced and well functioning retailing platform. The industry is experimenting and introducing new ways to keep itself afloat in this ever changing market.


AR for beginners:

If you are looking to buy anything online and you can check how it would look on you, it would help you understand the product better. The eyewear websites that capture your picture and visualize the different frames, or the furniture store that help you check the dimensions of the product and how it would look in your house. This is all a part of AR, lately other fashion fields like watches, shoes and even clothing brand are using AR to enhance the buyer experience.


How is AR beneficial?

There are multiple aspects of AR like storytelling, curiosity, accuracy and personalization. The buyers cannot hold themselves when it comes to the AR experience. It keeps them engaged, they always try on more than they wanted or needed. This makes them spend more time on the websites and be more engaged in the process. With the help of 3-D visualization the buyer can make an accurate decision. AR reduces the chances of returning, as the product is tried and tested virtually. AR is also providing in-store experiences. Devices can superimpose 3D objects in various spaces, giving customers a chance to interact with digital renderings from the comfort of their own homes. Accessories, watches, footwear, furniture and glasses are ahead as they are using AR to optimize their sales.


Let’s also evaluate the psychological reason as to why using AR can help your business.  

The buyers get a higher sense of ownership, this enables them to feel that they are in control. Since AR is a relatively new experience, it immediately becomes charming and interesting. Accurate judgement of the product with trial can also work. It helps in visualization and understanding what may or may not work. The reviews also play a major role, as the previous buyers have put up their reviews after checking the product virtually and then physically after buying. You can judge the gap between what is shown and what will arrive with the help of reviews.You can explore the looks and features in detail. The 2-D layout has restrictions on the other hand AR is taking product projections to new horizons. The average time spent on a website is claimed to be between 2-3 minutes, where as if the buyers are using AR, they tend to spend more than 5 mins. The doubts are minimised and in some cases eliminated.



You must have seen many top brands using AR and how popular they have become in a short span of time. If you’re a retail or e-commerce brand looking to stay competitive, you don’t want to miss the new wave of augmented reality innovation. The entire supply chain and the purchasing pathway has changed. Many websites and brands are losing their loyal customers as the buyer is getting nitpicky and more pressed for time. As the current studies suggests that more than 70% of the buyers expect the brands to provide them with personalised offers and tailor made experience. The buyer always wants the entire shopping procedure with them in the centre, be it on mobile, on the web or in-store. As soon as the buyer feels that his/her needs are looked after, they are sold and they always return. ')}