How to use email marketing for Business optimization

Email marketing is one of the most efficient and economic options. It is an easy way to make sure that small businesses can reach out to their customers on B2B and B2C platforms. They can build a brand personality, grow their database and connect with existing customers, all through one medium. It may seem like email marketing is only a viable option for large organizations, but in truth it is not just for big budgets. It can be constructed around a smaller budget too. It is easier than it would appear to many people.  In this blog we will focus on email marketing for small businesses and how easily you can design, run and generate business from Email Marketing.


Why Email Marketing?

Your customers are looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know what new is happening. It is impossible to reach out to all the customers at once through calls as that can be a very meticulous, exhausting and time consuming task. Email marketing can be used for B2B and B2C communication.


The B2B marketing entails; prospecting, personalised mails for interested clients, automated mails in case they are stuck in the process, business communication and lead nurturing.


Where as the B2C entails brand awareness, introductory mail  and communication mail(s).


The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing:


Set a specific agenda per campaign. Design the mailer as per the use cases. If you are mixing up different agendas, it can confuse the reader, hence decreasing the open and click rate. Make sure you construct the mailer with a personal touch. It should be relatable and not overly formal. If your brand personality dictates the email to be formal, don’t be too strict with it. Use less words for the subject line. You would not want your reader to feel exhausted just reading the subject line. The attention span of the reader is short, and you have to grab his/her attention in that time frame. Make sure to add the “Unsubscribe” tab, as it is a mandate for any email marketing. Use the analytics to design the further campaigns. You can pay attention to the type of campaigns, time zones, the size of the mailer and other factors. Use the things that worked for your campaign in the previous mailers and optimize it in designing the new one.



Don’t insert/ provide more than 2 -3 links in one mailer. Remember, the mailer is introductory, so keep it short and simple. Don’t engage in Third person. Use pronouns like you, us and we. It makes the mailer more engaging. Don’t  design the mailer too long, so that the reader has to scroll, it should fit the screen size. You can find the sample sizes easily online. Don’t send a generic email that does not speak to anyone. Understand your demographic. Don’t make the new customers wait to hear from you. Send a welcome email immediately after they have signed up.


Where can you start:

There are plenty of Email marketing providers that you can use. The most popular ones are Salesforce, i-contact pro and Mail Chimp. They provide you analytics like Open rate, click rate, Bounce rate, Unsubscribers and Responds. It is recommended that you use these providers as the analytics given by them can give you an insight on the performance of your campaign. If you don’t have the budget for it, don’t sweat as Outlook can help you. It also sends you an email notification if the receiver has opened the email or not. You can also try A/B testing where you can use the same subject line for two different campaigns, and see which one is performing better. Then accordingly you can run the mailer.



You should give Email marketing an opportunity as it can also uplift sales and help you in lead generation. If you have a small budget, plan properly to make the most of Email marketing. Keep in mind the Do’s and don’ts and be patient with the results. You cannot expect immediate response and prompt replies. Make sure that you give equal attention to B2B and B2C agendas and campaigns. Your new subscribers and your existing clients should hear from you regularly and they should be updated of any upcoming changes or offers. ')}