Home Automation: Worth your time or not?

Are you still trying to figure what is home automation, is it worth your money, and is the system efficient enough for an easy installation? Don’t worry, we got you covered. This blog will help you understand the benefits of home automation and the challenges that may arise. 


Let’s start with the basic question; What is “Home Automation”?

It addresses to the automatic and electronic controls of your day-to-day household attributes, activities and electronic appliances. In layman’s terms, it means that you can simply control the utilities and features of your household online.  This is extremely convenient and safe. It might be hard to believe, but it can also help you save on bills.

The introduction of so many smart TV’s, smart refrigerators, smart air conditioners, smart lights and other small appliances reduces your work to a greater extent.    


How does it work?

Home automation is connecting your appliances, commands and interfaces that come together to function devices with one another through the internet. Every single electronic item is connected through WiFi, so it is easy to command them from your mobile devices. You can do this from anywhere, even if you are on the other side of the world. You can give simple commands like switching the lights and AC on or off, moving the curtains, changing the temperature of the heater and many others. Now with many AI devices like Alexa and Google Assistant, you can even give voice commands for all these actions. The AI devices have another plethora of features like answering general questions, playing songs, setting alarms and giving reminders. Home automation can also involve digital door locks with face and voice recognition, motion detectors, intruder alarms, fire alarms and other safety features. 


Benefits of Home Automation:

One of the most common benefits of home automation is convenience. The accessibility from around the world gives you all the controls in the palm of your hand. The concept of home automation has eased the worries of security too. Your home is more secure than ever, you can provide limited access and get instant alerts on any movement on your property, or in case of trespassers. The biggest benefits is savings. Bills reciprocate to the usage of the appliances, you can easily cut down on the usage as the appliances can automatically turn down when you leave the room. 


The Challenges:

The only cause of concern is the costing, installing and connecting all the devices is a heavy task. Along with that your devices should be compatible to the connectivity, in case you are using any older utilities, you have to update and upgrade. If you have a large family, too many users can also make it difficult and affect the functionality. 



Home automation is a growing trend, it will soon become a household name too. The number of appliances and utilities for daily use is increasing and as everything is becoming smart, so should your home. You can start with an AI and then step ahead with the integration of smart devices. The only thing challenge is that it might draw some holes in your pocket and it requires regular updates. We recommend that home automation has more benefits and only one challenge. The AI and smart devices do come in price variants. You can start with a smaller device and as you get used to it, you can make the advancements in the usage.  ')}