The Future of Shopping Aggregators in India

The retail industry is still one of the largest industries in the world. The shopping world is quick on its feet and is adapting exponentially. The contribution of technology and innovation is making the lives of the buyer and the seller much easier. E-commerce is not just about listing products, it  is about bringing an entire experience to customers. From the inception of online shopping, e-commerce has ensured to leverage fundamental metrics like price, option and selection to draw shoppers from offline stores to online stores. In most scenarios they have succeeded with heavy discounts, and season sales.

As the adoption of new technologies is essential, what is the next big thing in the e-commerce industry? The answer is simple; the future is Shopping aggregators. Keeping in mind the Indian e-commerce statistics and the rate at which it is growing, we are not too far from having aggregators in each and every industry. The age of aggregators has already dawned and succeeded. There is Trivago in hospitality, Policy Bazar in insurance, and Taglr in Shopping. 

Here is a detailed presentation for your reference. 

There is a lot of scope and opportunity that the aggregators will provide. If you are a seller then you cannot miss the bus to be omnipresent. You have to leverage the opportunity to not only list your products but also to compete with prices, offers and availability. Your business is dependent on the visibility of your products or brand. So find a relevant aggregator platform and register your business now!