Adopting Agile Teamwork in Times of Crisis

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Ever wonder why do some teams consistently deliver high performance while other teams with similar setups struggle? Some important factors that determine a team’s success are their communication style, the personality of individual members, intelligence, talent, and the nature of the team as a whole. 

As work from home is becoming the new normal, there is an ever-increasing need for organizations to function in a manner that is not only supportive of business objectives but also one that induces strong teamwork. Times are changing and uncertainty prevails, there is a shift towards leaner structures and this calls for a change in the mindset. Leaner organizations may make greater demands on employees and are less likely to tolerate people who no longer precisely fit their requirements. The crisis has contributed to the creation and extensive use of virtual teams and it is no different fundamentally from traditional teams. Yes, there is a limitation of a certain degree of establishing a personal social interaction, however, technology has made it possible for us to operate as effectively in a formal set up. 

A small number of people working together towards a common goal constitutes a team. Flexibility, adaptability, and speed of response are the attributes that are innate in agile teams, and individuals will quickly need to adapt in order to be accepted in such dynamic teams. Agile teams are driven by the need to achieve and are likely to be proactive, they seek opportunities that encourage the development of their skills and use their abilities more productively. They have a considerable degree of autonomy, are self-managed, and are composed of individuals who are flexible, multi-skilled, and good team players. They plan with implementation in mind, identify how a strategy has to be converted into reality during the planning stage, and take steps to anticipate the problem statements involved beforehand. They understand that their work is interdependent and it is acknowledged by all members that the team will be able to deliver the results expected, only if they work well together and share the responsibility of their success and failures. They are not necessarily extroverts however they are comfortable approaching other people and they listen as much or probably more than they talk. They have short, engaging, and high energy conversations. After a task is done, they take a few minutes to reflect on what went well and poorly. They come together to share this information, perspectives, and insights to help each member do their job better and thereby help in increasing the overall performance standard of their group. 
They are aware of good practices that are normally followed, however they are not seduced by the notion that this must be universally applicable and easily replicated. They understand that “Best fit” is more important than “Best practice”. 

Agile teams focus on results and outperform individuals acting alone especially when a task requires multiple skills, judgement, and experience. Building Agile teams is a science that is still young and evolving however given the current situation there is an urgent need for organizations to transform quickly to improve long-distance work and manage cross-functional teams. This is the best way forward as it will enable businesses and individuals to be more adaptive, creative, and resilient when dealing with challenges and uncertainties that are not in their control.

The emerging trends in retail as the stores reopen

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The retail stores are opening, few are rejoicing that their business will recover from the drought caused by the pandemic. On the other hand, others are stressed as this reopening can act as a catalyst for the second wave of the pandemic, which can cause more damage. The authorities have jotted down a process to ensure the safety of citizens and store personnel. It will be up to the people to follow the hygiene guidelines to ensure their safety. In this blog, we will analyze the possible emerging retail trends after this lockdown is slightly relaxed.

The foremost changes will be in consumer shopping habits. The isolation and seclusion will enforce them to change their shopping patterns. The priorities will shift as their financial situations have drastically affected their spending capacity. Their usual trips to leisure activities like spa and salon will have to be cut down. There will be more shopping for household items like wellness products, cleaning supplies, groceries and other essentials. The apparel industry will still take time to make it back to its feet. The ever spending millennials will be very careful about how they are spending their monies. The seniors on the other hand will have to manage in their restricted budget. This gravitational shift will be seen initially as the stores won’t be scoring businesses immediately after reopening. 

The pandemic has strengthened and expanded internet shopping. It used to be a place for fashion and electronics, but once the pandemic is over people will be buying more groceries and household items online. Many were already buying in on the trend of shopping vegetables and fruits online, now it will become a habit of people not only in the metropolitan cities but also the tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The big e-commerce spaces like Amazon and Flipkart will create more loyal customers. One of the bigger factors in creating these loyal shoppers will be pricing. The shoppers will be more price-sensitive than ever. The tier 2 and tier 3 cities will be driving the sales of e-commerce as many metropolitan cities are still in the red zone and bound home. The containment zones and buffering zones are sealed and businesses are not allowed to reopen in these areas.  

The marketplaces will be going all out in bringing the customers on their platforms. Price being a key factor here, there will be a plethora of new offers and exciting deals to engage the shoppers. The banks will also chip in to provide deals on credit cards and cashbacks. There will be some major faceshifts in the retail industry but the shopping will continue. The requirements of the products may change but there will always be the need of buying new items and getting great deals.  

The multi-stores will only open specific outlets depending on their zones, hence the profit will be marginal. The offline stores have to come up with new ideas to keep the attention of the new digital shopper. They have to provide better services, promising products and great deals to engage the shoppers. If the online shopping habits were breaking the backbone of the offline sector, things may get worse for the retailers.  

With the effective lockdown many new businesses will be going bankrupt as well, while many others will be in debt. These businesses won’t be able to showcase the latest products and trends. These businesses will also be incapable of moving the old goods and products that are outdated. There will be very few relieving measures of such business units as they were independent but the current reopening will not be doing them any miracles. Many sectors will be reaching their quarter and annual targets of 2020 next year. This has setback their company goals to 5 years. As the stores will be focusing on getting the right merchandise for the next season, they will be investing more despite having no profits from the current one. 

The Retailers Association of India (RAI) commented that the decision by the government to reopen stores is open for interpretation. The government used the term ‘market complexes’, which can have dynamic meaning. The RAI also said that bearing in mind the current scenario and the lessons learnt, the government should permit the opening of all the stores regardless of zomes and products. The association believes that other stores can also follow the guidelines of grocery and medical stores to maintain social distancing. The short-term and long term effects of this reopening will soon be visible, but till then the retail sector can sit tight and prepare for the reopening. 


The outcome is highly dependent on the upcoming statistics of the performance of the retail sector. It will vary from region to region. The retailers will have been extra cautious to not contribute in spreading the virus while trying to make a living. The non-essential retailers will have to learn their lessons from medical and grocery stores. The frequency of digital payments will also increase as people will try to avoid any physical contact or transaction. It won’t be surprising to see people hoarding outside non-essential stores to buy items they need, but it is unlikely to happen. The sudden increase in digital payments will be a positive news for payment applications and banks. The reopening is a new chapter in the pandemic history. It’s positive effects on the economy or the negative effects on the outbreak will soon present itself. In the meantime, we request you to stay home and stay safe. 

What is the new normal in the post COVID-19 era?

It is an undeniable fact that the ongoing Covid-19 crisis has bestowed many lessons upon the world. As the pain of this pandemic is real, the philosophy of ‘this too shall pass’ will wake us up in a new dawn of a new era. The world is still struggling to surpass the obstacles caused by the pandemic, we all can also use this opportunity to prepare ourselves for these forthcoming changes. For many of us, the entire experience is bringing out the best is us. The sense of gratitude for being alive with the access to essential resources. The working culture in India will change extremely. In this blog, we will learn about the teachings of the Covid-19 era and how the working culture in India will implement it. In our previous blogs about the Covid-19 outbreak and its effect on e-commerce and the adworld, we have covered the present grounds. Here, we will assess and presume a possible future which has implemented the fundamentals born from the Covid-19 era.  


The irreversible changes have shaped a new outlook. As this decade started, no one imagined that the entire world would succumb to four walls and work would still go on (in most cases). The work-from-home became the new normal and everyone got accustomed to it. This has shed light on the importance of work from home. Initially there were a handful of organizations who practised and provided its employees with the option of work from home. After the lockdown is over and things get back on track, the organizations will have an open mind about those who are in need of work from home. As per the below chart that only covers January 2020 covers the mention of work from home in public company transcripts. The WFH will be normalised and company management will be less skeptical about deadlines being met as the employees seldom choose to work remotely.   

Chart source: VOX 

Shopping scene:

When the lockdown ends, the pre-covid crowded places will not be the same. The initial hesitation in people about engaging in larger crowds in malls, cinemas and street markets will affect the retailers. The e-commerce sites may see a surge as people will be more comfortable in buying items online rather than stepping out. The e-commerce industry boomed after SARS and MERS. As the time passes, then maybe gradually people may move out for the weekend stroll and the friday movie. We may see and hear the eagerness in shoppers to run to the markets as soon as it is safe, but when the time arrives the situation will be much different. Social distancing may have very well condition us to institutionalize this practice for a longer time. Soon the service of the e-commerce industry will start but only for essentials. According to a report from BCG Henderson Institute, Boston, following are the sectors and their patterns. The undeniable paradigm shift will cause some long term changes in consumerism. 

Chart source: BCG Henderson Institute, Boston

Organizations can use this time of crisis period to inflict their strategies and prepare a scheme that can help them to develop a blueprint for the entire year. It is very clear that the situation will not be getting any better in Q2. But, with certain sectors opening, it can provide a window to leverage all possible mediums to stay afloat. The consequences will reciprocate as opportunities will present itself, but as of now everything is at a standstill.   

This social and economical shift will bring forth many new opportunities that can cater to the current frustrated customer, so hold on and carefully listen to what your customers need. If your foresight is strong and you can understand the emerging needs of the consumer before they are aware, then you can turn the identified consumer patterns into profits. 

The global crisis has exposed the flaws of individuals and organizations. As and when this period is over, the companies will have detailed policies for work, salaries and insurance. Speaking of insurance, the sector will see some booming results as more working class people will be serious about having health and life insurance. For organizations that are already providing it, will consider to opt out for better plans to cover more diseases.    

The employment sector has also exposed its flawed segmentation in hierarchy and pay. Post the pandemic outbreak the front liners who are risking their lives everyday. The law enforcements, doctors, lab technician, nurses, cleaners, delivery personnel and other essential professions. Their training and pay will be better. 


There are many more learnings from the ongoing crises, but every cloud has a silver lining. It is important to stay put and focus on what could be done? rather than what will be done?. Whenever we all return to our office spaces, the world will be a different place. The work culture, the company perspective, the short term and long term goals, all would have been changed and modified. This is the time to come up with modified strategies and business models that can help you reinstate your business. We all will walk into a world that will believe and work even harder to make a comeback. But as our nature is healing in the absence of humanity and its chaos, so can we. The importance of healthcare and a well equipped nation to fight and prevent such crises is the only defence technique we will need. The future will see governments investing more in public healthcare and hospitals rather than making questionable choices. In the meantime, make the most of this enforced break and reflect.

The Nationwide Lockdown Is Causing An Economic Frenzy

As the nationwide lockdown increases, the economy is stumbling down the hill. The impact of the initial 21-day lockdown, now extended to 30th April, is severe. The lockdown will add side stress to an already slow economy. The impact is estimated to be much worse than the aftermath of 2016 demonetization or the 2017 GST rollout. We don’t need an expert economist to determine the current state of the supply side of the economy. The production, distribution, and retail of all the products and services, with the exception of essential items is at a standstill. In this blog we will glance over the short-term and long-term effects of the lockdown on the Indian economy. This eagle eye view will help us determine the direction and assess the current situation based on the data from recognized bodies and media sources. 

According to Business Today, the GDP growth rate has been falling since Q4 of FY18. If there is a deviation, it’ll be due to the NSO (National Statistical Office) revising its data on February 28, 2020, drastically cutting down growth rates in the first three-quarters of FY19. 

According to the experts at Business Today, this lockdown affects a minimum of 55% or Rs. 2 lakh crore. This is only due to the lockdown of the central government. The state governments had induced partial and smaller lockdowns adding to this amount. If you think that when everything reopens and people rush out to buy things that can stabilize the loss occurring now, then it is important to note that this does not add to the GDP, as the goods are already produced and accounted for. A couple of months down the line the final production and sale may resume.   

As the full production resumes, there will be many unemployed without an income. As a result, the demand side will be a significant worry. This lockdown has forced many productions to halt and many employees to lose their jobs. When the lockdown ends, many will not have the means or the resources to buy things.  

Rangarajan, an economist from Business Today said “In the financial year 2020, we would be lucky if the growth rate is 3.5% (full fiscal). In the first half, we would be lucky if the growth rate is 0. In the second half, the growth could revive by as much as 7%, taking the average growth for the year to 3.5%. In Q1 of financial year 2021, the growth rate will be negative.” 

The News18 estimates that the Indian economy will see only 2% growth in 2021. Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited (IICRA India) said that the lockdown will cut the country’s GDP forecast during the COVID-19 pandemic and it expects the economy to grow at just 2%. The rating agency’s VP said that it is highly uncertain when the situation will normalize. But they are expecting a downturn through multiple indicators of service and manufacturing industries from March 2020. This will include activities like travel, hospitality, construction, transport, exports, electricity, and manufacturing of non-essential items. 

The global economy slowing down and lockouts will affect sectors that have a higher dependency on global demand. The key impacted markets can be of Europe, North-America, and South-East-Asia. 

The CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy) shared a report on April 5, stating that the unemployment rate has increased to 23.38% from 8.41% (on 22nd March). This sudden spike has caused a stir amongst the working class. The inevitable lockdown is driving the economy in troubled waters and possibly drowning it.  

According to a forecast by Care Ratings, it is estimated that 80% of production activity is at a halt during the lockdown, the economy is losing Rs. 35,000 – 40,000 crore on a daily basis. Cumulatively it is difficult to imagine the total damage done. It can take months, if not years to repair the destruction caused. It will be critical to see what steps the Finance Ministry will take in order to restore the economy. 

In an interview with News18, Radhika Pandey from the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, or NIPFP, a research institute under the finance ministry said that “The Indian economy was already passing through a period of slowdown. With the COVID-19 forcing a complete lockdown, any possibility of a rapid recovery in the near future looks grim. Consumption of non-essential items will be adversely impacted in light of the lockdown. The informal sector will be hit and the MSME”—medium and small and micro enterprises—“sector which works on tight margins, will feel the impact of demand destruction.” 


Over the past years, the economy has taken many hits like demonetization and the GST roll-out under the current government but it has bounced back to a respectable degree. This sector slow-down on top of the six-year low GDP rate of 4.5% is breaking any prospects that can save the future growth. The low development and unemployment are becoming two sides of the same coin. Investment and consumption are mingled. In order to start the entire cycle, there has to be prospects and possibilities for investments.  As the economy is showing no signs to pick any pace up even after relief funds and economic injections. There is an upside as the essential items like sanitizers, soaps, masks, and medical equipment are high in demand, the sector is showing promising growth and the pharmaceuticals are making unbelievable profits. The silver lining to this storm is that the authorities are paying the financial cost to keep the citizens safe and control the pandemic. This quarter will prove to be make or break for this financial year. If the lockdown increases, we may see many adverse repercussions. Is the Indian economy equipped to bounce back? It is difficult to say at the moment as consumerism is plummeting. Hence, in the meanwhile, all we can do is give our two cents and hope for the best.   

The Future of Shopping Aggregators in India

The retail industry is still one of the largest industries in the world. The shopping world is quick on its feet and is adapting exponentially. The contribution of technology and innovation is making the lives of the buyer and the seller much easier. E-commerce is not just about listing products, it  is about bringing an entire experience to customers. From the inception of online shopping, e-commerce has ensured to leverage fundamental metrics like price, option and selection to draw shoppers from offline stores to online stores. In most scenarios they have succeeded with heavy discounts, and season sales.

As the adoption of new technologies is essential, what is the next big thing in the e-commerce industry? The answer is simple; the future is Shopping aggregators. Keeping in mind the Indian e-commerce statistics and the rate at which it is growing, we are not too far from having aggregators in each and every industry. The age of aggregators has already dawned and succeeded. There is Trivago in hospitality, Policy Bazar in insurance, and Taglr in Shopping. 

Here is a detailed presentation for your reference. 

There is a lot of scope and opportunity that the aggregators will provide. If you are a seller then you cannot miss the bus to be omnipresent. You have to leverage the opportunity to not only list your products but also to compete with prices, offers and availability. Your business is dependent on the visibility of your products or brand. So find a relevant aggregator platform and register your business now!

WFH during Covid-19 outbreak

In the wake of panic and confusion over the Covid-19 pandemic, corporates around the globe have rolled out mandatory work from home practice for employees. The outbreak has resulted in the outset of remote working on a grand scale. The importance of Work From Home has never been more critical until now. It is not a new concept and has been adopted successfully by various companies around the globe since more than a decade. There might be some companies who simply do not have the option to work remotely, for those of us who do, should make the most of this opportunity by giving 100% to your work and being thankful to your employers. Here are a few tips that will keep you productive and help you deal with this situation effectively.

Get Organised – Keep your workstations as clean as possible and clear the clutter. A clean and simple work space will grant you more focus, peace of mind, and productivity.

Plan  – Plan your tasks ahead of time, before you start, chalk out the list of tasks you will be working on for the day. Schedule time slots for each activity, this helps you complete your tasks on time and reduces stress.

Communicate – Keep all your communication channels open example – internal employee messaging tools, email, video calls, Skype etc. This will create synergy between teams and workflow will be smooth.

Get Clarity – Have a clear understanding of what is expected out of you and deliver.

Set Reminders – Use reminder tools example calendars to prioritize your tasks.

Breaks – Prepare and follow a break schedule. Remind yourself to get up from your seat and stretch.Take that coffee break or anything that helps you keep a healthy mental balance.Stay hydrated.

Downtime – Once you are done with work, listen to your favorite song, maybe shake a leg and keep your spirits high. Exercise indoors to keep your blood circulating. 

Topmost benefit of working remotely is the flexibility it offers. Multitasking has never been easy and one can find the right balance between managing work commitments and personal responsibilities effectively. Individuals will find themselves with more time on hand since it eliminates your daily commute to work. It creates positive well being as more work is done and you still have time to spend with your loved ones.

Employers must give more autonomy to their employees and micromanage as little as possible for the setting to become successful. Employees should return the favor by engaging in behaviors that foster collective collaboration aimed at accomplishing business objectives.

Interdependence amongst business units could prove to be a challenge during such settings however if teams are well synergized and workforce is competent, work from home can benefit both the company as well as the employee. Every individual, team, business unit, work group must come together to ensure total performance of the organization is not impacted during such challenging times. The productivity of the organization is a function of the productivity of each of those individuals, teams and business units. Although productivity is a major concern for organizations right now, the ultimate deciding factor now is the dedication and commitment of your workforce that will pave the way for total performance of the organization.

We at Taglr would like to thank all its employees for their efforts and contributions and encourage you to stay Home, Healthy and Happy during such testing times.

Fostering a Healthy Work Culture

It is a fact that people do not do well in a command and control based environment. Without the right climate, quick fixes designed to improve employee morale such high pay packages are unlikely to make an impact on achieving overall company objectives. Any company can offer a better pay package, the only competitive advantage an employer can offer, that is unique, is its work environment. At Taglr, all employees are treated as mature adults and are given freedom and autonomy in their work. High trust workplaces are more likely to create high productivity. People who feel micromanaged are unlikely to be engaged in their work completely and feel demotivated. We at Taglr aim at providing a supportive climate and have enabled reasonable degrees of freedom and autonomy as we understand it is becoming more crucial to foster a win-win situation for employees and their employers. 

The idea is to give more responsibility to employees, most people will rise to the occasion and take it as an opportunity and a challenge to showcase their talent and abilities. Employers, in turn, will also be able to easily identify and manage such individuals. We at Taglr follow an Open Door Policy. Workplace formalities should be as less as possible, fostering an open door policy to create a healthy culture. Creating a scope for achieving a good work-life balance should be a priority example of providing flexible hours.

Well designed offices make a significant difference in how people feel about their work. Employers need to create a fun and challenging work environment in which employees have the freedom of taking initiatives that enable high performance and productivity. Employees find working with state of the art tools and equipments which are highly appealing and fun. Taglr has been providing its employees with the latest laptops, desktops, and systems that will go a long way in creating a healthy and motivating work environment.

One can never underestimate the power of quality work assigned to individuals in making them feel valued. For example, in IT firms, individuals working on cutting edge technology creates a high demand for its workforce. This, in turn, will make the employees feel valued and committed. Every employee working at Taglr knows what are their short term goals that will enable us as an organization collectively to achieve long term goals through well defined OKRs. Individuals must know what is expected of them and should understand how those expectations impact the overall objectives of the organization via Objective Key Results (OKR). Focusing on recognizing talent and providing career advancement opportunities to such individuals will help create a committed workforce. Honest feedback mechanisms should be used to raise and correct performance and fair rewards to be given to individuals who have delivered exceptional performance. Organizations need to be away from discrimination based on sex, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc while dealing with current or potential employees. Employers need to ensure that their policies and selection methods are unbiased and fair.

A healthy team is one in which individual members in a team cooperate with each other, act in a way to promote a friendly climate and resolve team conflicts. As a team member one should protect their group reputation with outsiders as well as their teammates. At Taglr we encourage maximum contact between managers, team leaders, and their members to achieve a mutual understanding of expectations and provide a means of two-way communication.

Celebrate “Her” this International Women’s Day

What is ‘love and care’ if not expressed properly? There are so many days to celebrate different people in our lives, and International Women’s Day is no different. This 8th of March, make sure that you are making all the women in your life feel special. We do understand that it is not an easy task to make someone feel special, and sometimes the most time-consuming thing can be finding the right gift to convey how you feel. We have shortlisted a few categories that you can choose from based on your relationship. Let’s begin:

For Your Home Ministers and Deputy Home Ministers: 

There is no love compared to the one you get at your home. Get your mother, grandmother and/or sister something personalized.  You have a lot of options to choose from. There are generic items like keychains, cushions, cups, smartphone covers or something a bit more up the ante like a mini-bobblehead or those mini-caricatures. There are plenty of websites to help you, where you send a picture and they mould your gift accordingly. Personalized gifts add a special touch, and they are a reminder of special memories and occasions.  

For Your Office Confidant: 

There is always that one office colleague that saves you from all your office troubles and gets food for you. Make her feel special by getting something for her office desk. It can either be a plant or a decoration piece. Many online sellers have a huge range of office products like pen-stands, superhero action figures or special calendars with her favourite things. If you work in a team with many female acquaintances, get something small to thank them for the times they have saved you from trouble in the office. 

For Your Best Buddy:

Remember all the times when your best friend has stayed with you through thick and thin. What better way to say ‘thank you’. If you know her favourite brand, you can make your purchase based on that. Many girls are loyal to a particular brand. Identify the one brand she is loyal to, and buy her anything you want from there. They are sure to love it. There are items like headphones, mobile accessories, and many others. So, if you are confused, just get an item from their favourite brand and see the joy when they open your gift and realize that you kept in mind their likes and dislikes. 

For Your Better Half:

Your girlfriend or your wife, who is making your life better one day at a time. On women’s day, you are celebrating the fact that their presence has affected your life and made it better. This Women’s Day, add something to their wardrobe like handbags, scarves, watches, sunglasses, cosmetics or any fashion accessories. If you think you have to do the tedious task of shopping from multiple websites, you can search on Taglr- India’s Shopping Search Engine, and browse products from more than 180 websites. You can thank us later.  

For Your Mentor:

There are many women you meet along the way who have shaped your life for the better. They can be your teachers, your office seniors or your boss at work. You can get her a great book depending on their interest. If your mentor is not an avid reader, then get her something smaller or picture-based. You can even get them a subscription to a magazine and get it delivered to their home or work address. 

Make sure that this International Women’s Day you are celebrating all the women, who have added so much to your life. It is said that action speaks louder than words. So get a gift, make a gesture, but do something. Show your love and appreciation in a pronounced manner. The joy of receiving a single thank you will mean so much to all the women, irrespective of your relationship with them. You can even try reaching out to old female friends, teachers, and colleagues with whom you haven’t spoken to in a long time and thank them for making a difference in your life. We at Taglr would like to wish all the amazing ladies a very Happy Women’s Day and say thank you for everything they do to make lives better. 

Funky Mobile Covers

Looking for mobile covers is difficult due to a plethora of choices available at multiple online stores. We’ve identified peculiar styles of popular websites that can help you simplify your decisions. To help you, we are listing the top retailers to search online and find the smartphone covers of your choice. Whether you have an iPhone or an android, all you want is a case that protects your smartphone and is stylish to look at. You can easily find tough, stylish and fashionable cases on the below listed sellers. If you are worried that to find your favourite cover you have to go the trouble of navigating through each and every website, you can find all of them at one platform: Taglr-India’s Shopping search Engine

The Souled Store:

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Daily Objects:

This brand will offer you designer and customizable smartphone cases and features a unique collection which is hard to find anywhere else. Daily objects is a premium brand for your premium taste in smartphone covers. If you want your smartphone cover to reflect your personality, whether it is a dreamcatcher with vibrant pink background or showcasing your love for beer. We have listed these two options that you may love, check this out. 


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Need for Reward and Recognition (R and R)

R & R concerns with implementation and execution of processes that aim to identify and reward people fairly and in accordance with the value they create in an organization. Recognition needs are linked to the esteem needs mentioned in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Individuals need to know not only how well they have achieved their objectives but also that their achievements are appreciated. It creates a sense of confidence and commitment in the organization.
R and R helps in attracting and retaining a skilled and competent workforce thus making the way for identifying and managing talent. R and R sets the bar for performance standards and sends the right message of what is expected from employees in terms of performance as well as behaviour. It encourages individuals and teams to do the right thing by aligning company objectives with individual and team goals, thereby gaining their commitment and engagement. R and R not only supports the development of teamwork but also a performance driven culture. A good R & R process includes competence and achievement of objectives in performance management reviews so employees can focus with their managers on expected outcomes in performance and behaviour. An effective reward system rewards and recognizes people on the basis of their contribution to the organization rather than relying on promotions as a reward for their loyalty and service i.e. Rewards should be based on performance and not loyalty. It is important to remember one size won’t fit all. It is not feasible to create a set of rewards that is universally appealing to all employees. Hence reward systems should not be absolute and rigid. It needs to be customizable that fits with your culture and short/long term company objectives.