Funky Mobile Covers

Looking for mobile covers is difficult due to a plethora of choices available at multiple online stores. We’ve identified peculiar styles of popular websites that can help you simplify your decisions. To help you, we are listing the top retailers to search online and find the smartphone covers of your choice. Whether you have an iPhone or an android, all you want is a case that protects your smartphone and is stylish to look at. You can easily find tough, stylish and fashionable cases on the below listed sellers. If you are worried that to find your favourite cover you have to go the trouble of navigating through each and every website, you can find all of them at one platform: Taglr-India’s Shopping search Engine

The Souled Store:

The Souled store has a very quirky range of phone covers. Their products are based on catchphrases, superheroes and patterns. If you want your smartphone cover to flaunt your favourite Marvel or DC character then The Souled Store can provide you with the best possible options. We have chosen this Deadpool cover for the fun you and the Joker for the mischievous you. Head to this link and get your favourite comic character cover now. 

Daily Objects:

This brand will offer you designer and customizable smartphone cases and features a unique collection which is hard to find anywhere else. Daily objects is a premium brand for your premium taste in smartphone covers. If you want your smartphone cover to reflect your personality, whether it is a dreamcatcher with vibrant pink background or showcasing your love for beer. We have listed these two options that you may love, check this out. 


One of the fastest growing names in the fashion industry. Bewakoof is a well known online store with a variety of products for men and women. They have a great collection of mobile covers. The design aesthetic is very similar to that of their t-shirt collection, with trendy and catchy quotes and superhero sigils. Get the smartphone cover that matches your swag or mood. Checkout this “Tu 13 Dekh” and “Sanskari” covers from Bewakoof. 


If you are a person of good taste, then you leave it to Redwolf to impress you. They have the latest pop culture references !  You can find great mobile covers based on your favourite movie, cartoon, web-series and quotes. Whether you are a fan of Sacred Games or Game of Thrones, you will find symbols and quotes from all the popular series. Their collection is pocket-friendly and the quality is durable. If you want value for your money, then Redwolf is the platform for you.  


If you like vibrant and popping colours with a dash of culture, then Chumbak is the online store that you may love. Check this blue smartphone cover for the royal in you. Who doesn’t like a king sipping tea? For your peculiar taste and your love for Indian colours you can also choose this cute owl

India Circus:

Dramatic colours and great patterns, these are the two things that you will find in all the India Circus smartphone covers. We have chosen this great piece that says “I Love India” with pop colours. There are also a lot of options with geometric patterns, just like this red and black cover which dramatically depicts a skyscraper

Fizz Express

Fizz Express is primarily for girls for whom there is nothing called too much pink. Channel your inner diva with matching smartphone covers that can match your style quotient. FIzz Express ensures that there are enough extravagant options available for you.  You can choose the cute bunny cover or the one with extra elegant flowers and fur. So dump your boring, plain cover and order a Fizz Express smartphone cover now. 

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