How To Drive Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is a business connection between a loyal buyer and an organization through various channels of correspondence. This connection can be a reaction, interaction, effect or overall customer experience, which takes place online and offline. The definition is fluid and its meaning is broad, but it includes every positive interaction that a customer has with the brand, or with fellow customers. These customers can become your brand advocate and be avid buyers of all your brand products. They are very active and updated with your new range of offers and products/services. This engagement need not be only restricted to conversations between the employees and the customers, but between the product and the customer. It is the product that will build your brand image.   

Why customer engagement is needed?

An engaged customer is best for business, A study from Gallup suggest that a highly engaged customer generates 24% more revenue than other customers. 

There are multiple ways that an engaged customer can help our business grow:

More revenue:

Your frequent customers who interact with your brand on a regular basis will spend more money than your occasional customer. Your engagement helps keeping your brand front and centre, so that whenever they are in need they turn to your brand first. 


It will always cost more money to get new customers than to retain one. This also involves the customers who are engaged through your social media, and are actively responding and sharing your posts to help you with brand awareness. As you know what relationships you have built with your customers, they stay loyal and are less likely to turn away. These customers will also go the extra mile and tell people about their experiences and interactions with your product, services and brand that will help you in creating a brand image.    

Customer engagement and retention will not happen overnight. It requires restless dedication from the brand to establish that trust to build something that customers would like to engage with. Consider customer engagement an upward spiral. As you gain more customers, you can create more engagement. More interaction will result is more profits and add more value, it can be turned into an everlasting reinforced cycle. 

Since we have now understood the conceptualization of customer engagement and it’s importance let’s now see how can you drive it:

The importance of social media: 

Social media is redefining the means of marketing. The content driven market taking over the conventional marketing strategies. The customers love to see, engage and react to posts on different social media platforms. Make sure that your content is at par with your brand’s personality. The content has to be unique. Taglr’s social media marketing is content driven and we have an engagement rate of over 10%. We ensure that our followers are always relating to Taglr’s post but at the same time it is symmetrical to the brand image and brand language.   

Have a lot of Q & A’s

Always ask, listen and reflect. Have frequent questions posted on various platforms, it is a reflex to loyal customers to answer back. If the questions are unique, the chances of engagement is higher. This will create a space for your brand in the customer’s day-to-day activity and make the experience more personal. 


You should always give back to your loyal customers. If they get rewards, it elevates the entire experience. The reward can be monetary, it can be a cashback, some points or just a message or an email saying thank you. When your buyers are getting their value for money, they will be satisfied but when they are getting little unexpected bonuses, it will add joy and pleasure to be associated with the brand. Even a birthday email or message can go a long way. 

Cover maximum ground

Make sure you are present everywhere. On all social media platforms, on review platforms, etc. Regularly reply to the positive and the negative reviews. This shows concern from your end, and a conversational establishment. The customers know that their efforts and communication is reaching to someone in the organisation.  

There is no documented formula to read and implement. This has to be unique, you have to create an experience and engagement that conveys your ideas and understands the needs of the shoppers. 


The best place to start for customer engagement is to see how the shoppers are reacting to the current product and services provided. What gets the maximum attention and interest? What are the most frequent questions? and are you providing answers to the FAQs. Are your loyal customers talking about you in the community? If not, what will nudge them to do so? You have to understand that this is a two way street. If your content or your communication is getting no response, there is zero engagement. The customers have to consciously choose to speak to you and interact with your brand. Only selling the product is not important, communication is the key if you want to sustain in the market. Your relationship with the buyer should not be transactional, it has to be dynamic and mutual. So if you have not implemented a customer engagement strategy yet, it is high time you do so.  

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