Is Outdoor Advertising Still Effective?

While crossing the road and seeing the billboards on the side of the street, do you still wonder whether or not these billboards or other outdoor advertising are still effective and help brands. There are billboards, mobile billboards (on public transport), ads inside the bus, trains, wraps on vehicles, signage and banners. In this blog we will talk about outdoor advertising and how effective it is ever after digitalization. Let’s begin 

The Basics: 

Any organization’s main aim with advertising is to increase brand awareness and gain brand exposure. Every big scale, small scale and mid-size firms are investing in outdoor advertising. Always know that whenever you are considering to advertise your business you are going in the right direction to reach out to more and more people. Taglr’s outdoor advertising aim was to create brand exposure and increase brand awareness. 

Outdoor advertising serves basic purposes like sales activation and brand building. To activate sales, you have to trigger the person on the spot or create a curiosity to check your product/ service. Brand building has to target people who need to be educated about your brand and to establish engagement with your brand. 


Outdoor advertising is surely an effective way to publicize your products anyday or anytime. In previous times the billboards were painted by hand and it required a lot of resources and time. Generally the outdoor advertisement has simple 2-3 colour artwork along with the company’s name. In our day-to-day market, there is a lot of resources and technology at the disposal of the organizations. There are computers and vinyl papers which have made it possible to advertise in lesser time in a cost-effective way. 

With outdoor advertising you have the liberty to create  your brand image to the target audience. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money. There are multiple options for smaller budgets as well. It is not just limited to signage or billboards, there are options like buses, trucks, small vehicles, behind road vehicles, on bus-stops. You even have a lot of space to be creative and innovative with your marketing campaign.

The Metrics:

Any outdoor advertising companies will tell you that the basic parameter is the traffic passing by every hour. There is vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic. It is difficult to get to the number of impressions but with an average of people passing by that location generally, the agencies can provide you with an estimated figure. 

Billboards are considered to create more impact when they are located closer to the advertiser (this is for small businesses). You can even add you company’s name, logo and contact number. Advertising on public transportation also has a huge audience. Your advertisement is visible to millions of people commuting daily.  There is a possibility that for many of your newly acquired customer, your outdoor ad will be the first sign that they see. As a design requirement, it has to be bright and should be the focal point to catch the eye of the onlooker. Along with the design, it has be adequately informative to let potential customers know what exactly are you dealing in. 


In today’s digitized market where data, technology and developing infrastructure is helping a new era of advertising to emerge, this is proving to be more effective and easily trackabe with statistics and analytical insights. But, despite all the digital shift, the market trust in outdoor advertising is still afloat. There is a study that states that around 50% of the outdoor advertising revenue is moving to digital and it would cover around half of the advertised population. 


With the market research it is safe to say that outdoor marketing is still effective and popular. Multiple big and small brands are investing in it. There is also an option for you to test with one advertisement first like we did at Taglr. If you determine that it has been effective then you can explore and experiment. But you have to know that there won’t be any immediate results. You cannot expect people to come running at your business due to an advertisement. It will be time taking and you have to be patient. Outdoor advertising has been proven more beneficial if you choose certain geographical areas. Ad mediums like billboards, bus-stops, stations and other transit mediums are extremely effective for small scale business. Ads are the best go-to medium to reach and communicate with your target audience.  

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