Fostering a Healthy Work Culture

It is a fact that people do not do well in a command and control based environment. Without the right climate, quick fixes designed to improve employee morale such high pay packages are unlikely to make an impact on achieving overall company objectives. Any company can offer a better pay package, the only competitive advantage an employer can offer, that is unique, is its work environment. At Taglr, all employees are treated as mature adults and are given freedom and autonomy in their work. High trust workplaces are more likely to create high productivity. People who feel micromanaged are unlikely to be engaged in their work completely and feel demotivated. We at Taglr aim at providing a supportive climate and have enabled reasonable degrees of freedom and autonomy as we understand it is becoming more crucial to foster a win-win situation for employees and their employers. 

The idea is to give more responsibility to employees, most people will rise to the occasion and take it as an opportunity and a challenge to showcase their talent and abilities. Employers, in turn, will also be able to easily identify and manage such individuals. We at Taglr follow an Open Door Policy. Workplace formalities should be as less as possible, fostering an open door policy to create a healthy culture. Creating a scope for achieving a good work-life balance should be a priority example of providing flexible hours.

Well designed offices make a significant difference in how people feel about their work. Employers need to create a fun and challenging work environment in which employees have the freedom of taking initiatives that enable high performance and productivity. Employees find working with state of the art tools and equipments which are highly appealing and fun. Taglr has been providing its employees with the latest laptops, desktops, and systems that will go a long way in creating a healthy and motivating work environment.

One can never underestimate the power of quality work assigned to individuals in making them feel valued. For example, in IT firms, individuals working on cutting edge technology creates a high demand for its workforce. This, in turn, will make the employees feel valued and committed. Every employee working at Taglr knows what are their short term goals that will enable us as an organization collectively to achieve long term goals through well defined OKRs. Individuals must know what is expected of them and should understand how those expectations impact the overall objectives of the organization via Objective Key Results (OKR). Focusing on recognizing talent and providing career advancement opportunities to such individuals will help create a committed workforce. Honest feedback mechanisms should be used to raise and correct performance and fair rewards to be given to individuals who have delivered exceptional performance. Organizations need to be away from discrimination based on sex, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc while dealing with current or potential employees. Employers need to ensure that their policies and selection methods are unbiased and fair.

A healthy team is one in which individual members in a team cooperate with each other, act in a way to promote a friendly climate and resolve team conflicts. As a team member one should protect their group reputation with outsiders as well as their teammates. At Taglr we encourage maximum contact between managers, team leaders, and their members to achieve a mutual understanding of expectations and provide a means of two-way communication.

Celebrate “Her” this International Women’s Day

What is ‘love and care’ if not expressed properly? There are so many days to celebrate different people in our lives, and International Women’s Day is no different. This 8th of March, make sure that you are making all the women in your life feel special. We do understand that it is not an easy task to make someone feel special, and sometimes the most time-consuming thing can be finding the right gift to convey how you feel. We have shortlisted a few categories that you can choose from based on your relationship. Let’s begin:

For Your Home Ministers and Deputy Home Ministers: 

There is no love compared to the one you get at your home. Get your mother, grandmother and/or sister something personalized.  You have a lot of options to choose from. There are generic items like keychains, cushions, cups, smartphone covers or something a bit more up the ante like a mini-bobblehead or those mini-caricatures. There are plenty of websites to help you, where you send a picture and they mould your gift accordingly. Personalized gifts add a special touch, and they are a reminder of special memories and occasions.  

For Your Office Confidant: 

There is always that one office colleague that saves you from all your office troubles and gets food for you. Make her feel special by getting something for her office desk. It can either be a plant or a decoration piece. Many online sellers have a huge range of office products like pen-stands, superhero action figures or special calendars with her favourite things. If you work in a team with many female acquaintances, get something small to thank them for the times they have saved you from trouble in the office. 

For Your Best Buddy:

Remember all the times when your best friend has stayed with you through thick and thin. What better way to say ‘thank you’. If you know her favourite brand, you can make your purchase based on that. Many girls are loyal to a particular brand. Identify the one brand she is loyal to, and buy her anything you want from there. They are sure to love it. There are items like headphones, mobile accessories, and many others. So, if you are confused, just get an item from their favourite brand and see the joy when they open your gift and realize that you kept in mind their likes and dislikes. 

For Your Better Half:

Your girlfriend or your wife, who is making your life better one day at a time. On women’s day, you are celebrating the fact that their presence has affected your life and made it better. This Women’s Day, add something to their wardrobe like handbags, scarves, watches, sunglasses, cosmetics or any fashion accessories. If you think you have to do the tedious task of shopping from multiple websites, you can search on Taglr- India’s Shopping Search Engine, and browse products from more than 180 websites. You can thank us later.  

For Your Mentor:

There are many women you meet along the way who have shaped your life for the better. They can be your teachers, your office seniors or your boss at work. You can get her a great book depending on their interest. If your mentor is not an avid reader, then get her something smaller or picture-based. You can even get them a subscription to a magazine and get it delivered to their home or work address. 

Make sure that this International Women’s Day you are celebrating all the women, who have added so much to your life. It is said that action speaks louder than words. So get a gift, make a gesture, but do something. Show your love and appreciation in a pronounced manner. The joy of receiving a single thank you will mean so much to all the women, irrespective of your relationship with them. You can even try reaching out to old female friends, teachers, and colleagues with whom you haven’t spoken to in a long time and thank them for making a difference in your life. We at Taglr would like to wish all the amazing ladies a very Happy Women’s Day and say thank you for everything they do to make lives better. 

Funky Mobile Covers

Looking for mobile covers is difficult due to a plethora of choices available at multiple online stores. We’ve identified peculiar styles of popular websites that can help you simplify your decisions. To help you, we are listing the top retailers to search online and find the smartphone covers of your choice. Whether you have an iPhone or an android, all you want is a case that protects your smartphone and is stylish to look at. You can easily find tough, stylish and fashionable cases on the below listed sellers. If you are worried that to find your favourite cover you have to go the trouble of navigating through each and every website, you can find all of them at one platform: Taglr-India’s Shopping search Engine

The Souled Store:

The Souled store has a very quirky range of phone covers. Their products are based on catchphrases, superheroes and patterns. If you want your smartphone cover to flaunt your favourite Marvel or DC character then The Souled Store can provide you with the best possible options. We have chosen this Deadpool cover for the fun you and the Joker for the mischievous you. Head to this link and get your favourite comic character cover now. 

Daily Objects:

This brand will offer you designer and customizable smartphone cases and features a unique collection which is hard to find anywhere else. Daily objects is a premium brand for your premium taste in smartphone covers. If you want your smartphone cover to reflect your personality, whether it is a dreamcatcher with vibrant pink background or showcasing your love for beer. We have listed these two options that you may love, check this out. 


One of the fastest growing names in the fashion industry. Bewakoof is a well known online store with a variety of products for men and women. They have a great collection of mobile covers. The design aesthetic is very similar to that of their t-shirt collection, with trendy and catchy quotes and superhero sigils. Get the smartphone cover that matches your swag or mood. Checkout this “Tu 13 Dekh” and “Sanskari” covers from Bewakoof. 


If you are a person of good taste, then you leave it to Redwolf to impress you. They have the latest pop culture references !  You can find great mobile covers based on your favourite movie, cartoon, web-series and quotes. Whether you are a fan of Sacred Games or Game of Thrones, you will find symbols and quotes from all the popular series. Their collection is pocket-friendly and the quality is durable. If you want value for your money, then Redwolf is the platform for you.  


If you like vibrant and popping colours with a dash of culture, then Chumbak is the online store that you may love. Check this blue smartphone cover for the royal in you. Who doesn’t like a king sipping tea? For your peculiar taste and your love for Indian colours you can also choose this cute owl

India Circus:

Dramatic colours and great patterns, these are the two things that you will find in all the India Circus smartphone covers. We have chosen this great piece that says “I Love India” with pop colours. There are also a lot of options with geometric patterns, just like this red and black cover which dramatically depicts a skyscraper

Fizz Express

Fizz Express is primarily for girls for whom there is nothing called too much pink. Channel your inner diva with matching smartphone covers that can match your style quotient. FIzz Express ensures that there are enough extravagant options available for you.  You can choose the cute bunny cover or the one with extra elegant flowers and fur. So dump your boring, plain cover and order a Fizz Express smartphone cover now. 

Need for Reward and Recognition (R and R)

R & R concerns with implementation and execution of processes that aim to identify and reward people fairly and in accordance with the value they create in an organization. Recognition needs are linked to the esteem needs mentioned in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Individuals need to know not only how well they have achieved their objectives but also that their achievements are appreciated. It creates a sense of confidence and commitment in the organization.
R and R helps in attracting and retaining a skilled and competent workforce thus making the way for identifying and managing talent. R and R sets the bar for performance standards and sends the right message of what is expected from employees in terms of performance as well as behaviour. It encourages individuals and teams to do the right thing by aligning company objectives with individual and team goals, thereby gaining their commitment and engagement. R and R not only supports the development of teamwork but also a performance driven culture. A good R & R process includes competence and achievement of objectives in performance management reviews so employees can focus with their managers on expected outcomes in performance and behaviour. An effective reward system rewards and recognizes people on the basis of their contribution to the organization rather than relying on promotions as a reward for their loyalty and service i.e. Rewards should be based on performance and not loyalty. It is important to remember one size won’t fit all. It is not feasible to create a set of rewards that is universally appealing to all employees. Hence reward systems should not be absolute and rigid. It needs to be customizable that fits with your culture and short/long term company objectives.

Why is search centric AI changing the e-commerce landscape?

It is very common for customers to abandon shopping experiences because the product results shown are irrelevant. Many e-commerce platforms are trying to enhance the part AI plays in searches to the extent, where the e-commerce search engines should be thinking the way humans do. Now that there are multiple platforms in the market and the race is to be better than your competition. The search results need to narrow, contextualise and ultimately improve the outcome. Lately, plenty of search results are increasing their visual elements. The basic idea is to configure AI and machine learning in such a way that it starts contemplating as you do. The leveraging of machine learning and AI to automatically prioritize and label content based on the features of the image or description. These labels can also be modified to read and use assets like keyword tags. 

Technologies like AI are giving the e-commerce business a competitive edge and it is at the dispersal of developers and businesses of smaller and larger magnitude. The most common visual recognition platform is Google Lens, where you can take an image and find similar results. One of the latest examples of visual recognition is also used by Pinterest. You can select any image and then ask Pinterest to show you similar results. The image recognition helps its AI to configure and procure similar images. The shopping experiences are becoming more refined, the shoppers are rapidly saying bye to impulse control as the innovative visual search capabilities are motivating them to search more.  

Ai is helping shoppers to find complementary products regardless of size, shape, material, color and even brand. The capabilities of these softwares is astounding. These softwares collect visual imagery from the uploaded product and collect visual cues to find products that match. AI provides an ease to a level where the shoppers don’t have to search for their desired products specifically. The top results for their past searches and habits accumulate to provide a logical list that matches their search history and product search. For example, if you like a pair of shoes on someone, and you have a visual, you can easily search with the AI, as it enables you to find similar items through online/e-commerce stores. 

With the dawn of the new shopping era, the expectations of shoppers is increasing by the hour. They want the time between demand and supply to be minimized. It is becoming more and more difficult to satisfy customers without compromising on quality. 

In India, many big names such as Flipkart are also experimenting with AI and machine learning. They are navigating through qualities of catalog, size recommendations, and even avoiding fraud orders. The recommendation algorithm has to work like the best salesman in the company i.e. the one who is great at upselling. The buyer’s behavior is playing a major role in these search results. These outcomes are helping to elevate the customer experience which can help in increasing sales. There are also options to compare prices, features, and descriptions. These comparison helps you to put together all the product variants you are interested in and choose the best option. 

With endless categories on e-commerce websites, it becomes a tad bit difficult for any business to keep an eye on the live inventory. AI is changing the ways of inventory management. You can easily understand it this way, as soon as the last item is purchased, the system deems it out of stock. With the help of AI, organizations can keep a track of all the orders, it can help in managing the inventory in warehouses and ensure that the organization has enough stock, particularly in the cases of products which are in high demand. 

Security has always been a concern while shopping online. Many customers fear that their data can be misused. The importance of cyber-security in the e-commerce industry is the need of the hour. AI is helping to a great extent by identifying red flags and eliminating the chances of fraud.

AI is being used by various e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Taglr in the form of the chatbox, inventory management, behavioral insights, strategizing and contextual messaging. We at Taglr firmly believe that AI and machine learning will bring a great difference in profits and growth. We are excited to see how the Indian e-commerce platforms will be procuring new techniques to incorporate AI and make it a part of their business. 

10 fashion websites you cannot miss

The fashion industry is ever-evolving, with upcoming websites and new platforms. Many of these websites are selling on social media platforms. There are multiple independent websites that are making their mark amongst the big e-commerce websites. These homegrown brands and their products are paying great attention to their production, demand, and trends. We have made a list of a few websites in India that you cannot miss if you are a fashion fanatic. 


The website is home to all the different types of shirts for men. It helps you personalize to the extent where you can even customize your shirt. 16stiches have formal, informal and kidswear. The website navigation is very easy, you have to choose a fabric, design, and size, viola you will have your shirt delivered to you. Based on your order value, they even provide free delivery. This customizatization makes this platform very unique. The website traffic is organic and they even promote it on social media. The fashion world is considered to be predominantly female but few websites cater to the fashion needs of men as well.  


If you are looking for a luxury brand with a bit of Indianness, then Andamen is the right balance between the two. Its premiunesqe aesthetic is helping the brand to build a strong brand image. They provide you a plethora of options like formal and casual wear along with accessories like a pocket square. As luxury is not affordable to all, hence Andamen is finding its limited but dedicated audience in the Indian market. Most of their traffic is still paid with less than 30% organic in the past six months according to similarweb.  


Amydus is working on a great concept to provide fashionable options to the plus-size Indian bodies. Their collection is vibrant and they provide an option in both western and Indian wear. This website is changing the landscape for body-positive fashion. The traffic at Amydus is still at a 60% & 40% ratio between organic and paid. If you have always faced issues to find great options for plus size clothes then you should check out Amydus. 


The trend of kurtis and traditional dresses is year-long in India. There is a possibility that the sales will peak during the festive season, but these products are sold round the clock across the year. If you are looking for chic fashion then Bunaai can be the destination for you. The products are pocket-friendly and you will get value for your money. As far as the website analytics go, most of their traffic is organic but they do need promotions to expand their reach. You can get kurtis for formal, casual and festive wear, all under the same website.    

The Souled Store:

The website is majorly dealing in fashion and accessories. It is a one-stop-shop for multiple products with a wide variety of range and options in all the categories. The souled store has options for both men and women. It also sells products like mobile covers. Even though their average visits have decreased from December 2019, the average time spent by a user is high at more than 3 minutes. If their retention rate is so promising then with the right motivation and deal, the brand can become much bigger. 

Rust Orange:

Rust Orange as a brand has great social media outreach. They have their selected top-performing products which they promote on Instagram, these products are a hook to get the shopper’s attention. Once the shopper is redirected, it is all up to the collection to retain the shoppers. On average every shopper is visiting 4 pages on the Rust Orange website, which is speaking volumes about their reach and positioning of their products. This brand has great potential given the fact that it has created such clientele in such a short amount of time.    

The Loom

The loom is a site of a different magnitude. The traffic flows from different countries like Canada, U.S.A, and Australia. This platform provides the cultural touch in women’s clothing, jewelry, and even handbags. Their variety of products are helping the brand gain recognition and interest from around the world. As a homegrown brand, an average shopper is spending a bit over 4 minutes on their platform. The website is very user-friendly and you even have an option of a 24-hour dispatch for your product.  


The brand brings a handful of products to choose from. You have options like mens fashion, women’s fashion, accessories, and grooming products. Their wellness products are becoming a favorite amongst the consumers. As for their website, Tjori is still struggling to find its feet amongst other competitive websites. They are becoming well-known for their decor and wellness range that other competitors are not offering. Their bounce rate is high with less than average time spent by the shoppers. Their product range and options are attractive, they just need a more pronounced presence to captivate the market.

These above-mentioned sights might seem too much homework to navigate through one at a time. So the best option is to find a platform that has all these websites in one place. Taglr – India’s shopping search engine is a platform with more than 180+ websites. There are more than 50 fashion websites to choose from. You can get the best prices and save a lot of time. If you are a seller, you have a great opportunity to promote your product and deals through their ad platform called ShopperAds

The Indian market needs to widen its horizon and open up to more independent websites. These websites are putting a lot of effort in production and marketing as they produce quality fashion and redefine the western to Indian bridge in the apparel and accessories industry. 

Unconventional gifts for Valentines Day

Is it still pain searching for all gifting ideas? We got you covered. We have made a list of gifts that takes comparatively less effort and are easy to get. This Valentine’s day stay away from roses and teddy bears, try something more mature and valuable. The cliched gifts have their charm but it is the unconventional and thoughtful gifts that will help you make your partner feel special. Let’s begin:


Who doesn’t love a good book? If you know the favorite author or the preferred genre, it is one of the easiest gifts to get. You can easily order it online and you have so many options, depending on your budget, you can even get more than one. There are first editions that are rare and super expensive if you want to take that extra mile. Have you ever seen the joy on a book lover’s face after they receive a book? It is priceless. So stop looking and go order a book now for your partner. 


The smallest things can make the biggest difference. Something as small as a plant can help you with that warmth for your loved one. They can take care of the plant and it can be reminiscent of all the good memories. Plants are easy to get and they can be used indoors and outdoors. There are succulents, decorative, flowers and even a cactus for a good laugh. 


Honest words from the heart that can be funny, or meaningful. It’s the thought that counts. The old school charm works every time. You don’t have to be a poet, you can throw in rhymes or you can always freestyle. The simplest kind of gifts are the best. The poem can be anything, describing the first time you met, a memorable day, the first “Love you”, to anything significant for your relationship. A small piece of paper can strengthen your bond.  


You must have seen a concept of “mixtape” on F.R.I.E.N.D.S, this concept is a very modernized version of that. For people who are a lot into music, their playlist is very important. Often we spend more time finding the song, rather than listening to it. You can create a playlist, and put together songs that your partner likes, according to artists or moods, like for a drive or when bored. This shows effort and thought. If till last minute you are looking for a gift, take out your smartphone and start putting a playlist together.

Paid account for streaming services:

The epitome of trust is sharing your Netflix or Amazon Prime password. This Valentine’s day, make your loved one feel special by buying them a subscription for their favorite streaming channel. Instead of buying roses and chocolates, show your partner how much you love them. If you want to show them that you truly trust them, you can even share your account (which they are probably using).  

Favorite food:

Do you ever recall the joy of an unexpected food delivery of your favorite food? The way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. If your partner is a foodie, what better option you can choose than getting them their favorite dish. There are donut bouquets and many innovative ideas. So this Valentines, ditch the old school and opt-out for a stomach full of deliciousness. 

Collection of memories:

If you take a screenshot of memories and chats, you can either bind them together or put a collection of pictures. A memoir is a heartwarming gift, that shows you cherishing all the unforgettable moments from your relationships. This particular gift can be given at various levels. You can bind the pictures or the chat screenshots in a book, or you can make a calendar out of it. It can be a memento of all your beautiful moments in one place. Make sure you are not overdoing it, don’t gift a book with 500 pages, keep it short and simple to make it effective. 

These are the ones that we could come up with. If you have any more suggestions or something special that you have done do share with us in the comment section. If you embrace the gifting culture, ensure that you are putting thought and emotion behind it. Just an object worth some monetary value will not make someone feel special. So gear up for this Valentine’s day and make sure that you are keeping it classy and elegant.   

Why focus on niche trends?

The e-commerce business is not a race but a marathon. You have to be attentive throughout the year. The data and statistics are very promising for doing business on the big e-commerce events and festivals. But, you can generate an equal amount of profits by working around the clock for the whole year. All you need is an understanding of what products work regardless of seasons, celebrations or trends. If you are looking for answers you’ve come to the right place.  The challenge is to find those handful best-selling products to drive sales.

This challenge is not for new e-tailers, but even the established sellers are fighting tooth and nail to stay ahead across the year rather than performing only during the festive season. The e-commerce is growing at an exceptional rate of 24% per year. This growth has made it more important to identify those niche and trending products that help you stay ahead of other sellers in your category and provide your shoppers what they want. 

Here is a list of  ten products that are sold throughout the year. 


Denims are probably the most evergreen product of all time. There is a whole range of products available from denim jeans, jackets, tops, shirts, dresses and so many upcoming options for clothing and even accessories. Denim is a product category that sells all year round regardless of season, events or occasions. Since it caters to all genders and ages, it’s easy to promote and even easier to sell. Any deals or promotions on denim is guaranteed to get attention from the shoppers. Over the past ten years, India’s jeans market catapulted to Rs 21,993 crore, according to Euromonitor, and last calendar year’s growth at 14% is the highest since 2009 stated Economic Times.  


The Indian market is a constant consumer of footwears. From major brands to small sellers, this product is a favourite across the calendar. As per, we as a country produced over 2065 million pairs of different categories of footwear that include leather footwear (909 million pairs), leather shoe uppers (100 million pairs and non-leather footwear-1056 million pairs). India exports about 115 million pairs. Thus, nearly 95% of its production goes to meet its own domestic demand. Imagine the scale of the market and how much of it is covered by the e-commerce sector. If you are not promoting great deals on footwear, maybe you should start. 


This is a hot category globally. Athleisure products market in India has grown from Rs. 24,000 crore in 2014 to Rs. 37,000 crore in 2016 at more than 50 percent over the past four years, according to  Euromonitor. A similar study has shown a 23.7 percent CAGR for the 2011-16 period with a forecast of 11.3 percent for the 2016-2021 period. There is a spike in the number of people participating in sporting activities and are more concerned about fitness. Hence this provides a huge potential to sell athleisure products.  

Health Supplements:

This is probably the most surprising product to make the list. But in recent years it was observed that health supplements was one of the fastest growing categories in the market. With huge pharmaceuticals behind the promotions, these supplements are taken as per the needs and it is unaffected by any season or month. It follows a basic chain of supply and demand. Vitamins and minerals occupies a larger share of the pie in the Indian dietary supplements market  at 40%, followed by the herbal segment contributing 30%, proteins segment contributing 25% and other segments contributing around 5% of the total market, according to Businesswire.  

Kitchen Appliances:

The life of kitchen appliances depends upon the user. People buy kitchen appliances when they are in need of the product or when the old ones are outdated, hence they are bought as per need and not occasion. Even though in a unique way, the Indian market shows a lot of interest in smaller appliances during the festive seasons. The revenue in the smaller kitchen appliances segment amounts to US$11,332 million in 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by 4.5% (CAGR 2020-2023), according to Statista


The makeup industry is one of the fastest growing industries. With multiple competing brands and new products there is always a race amongst the shoppers to get their hands on the latest item. As per the report the revenue in the cosmetics segment amounts to US$6,251 million in 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by 6.3% (CAGR 2020-2023), according to Statista

Office wear:

The formal wear or office wear is something that is also evergreen. There is an everlasting demand for these products in the market. You can be dealing in men’s or women’s wear, but formal attire is something that people buy across the clock. According to, men’s shirt category is the largest men’s apparel category, followed by men’s trousers accounting for 27 percent and 22 percent respectively and as for women’s apparels, the women’s tops/ shirts market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11 percent in near future to reach Rs 8,036 crore from its current market size of Rs 2,830 crore.

Fashion accessories: 

Fashion accessories are not only limited to women now. The accessories market has grown and it is catering to men and even children. There are products like handbags, belts, wallets, etc. As per a report from, Indian domestic market for bags, including handbags, college bags, office bags etc. was estimated at Rs 15 billion. 


The traditional market is mostly dependent on festivals and wedding season. But in the indian context kurtis are a trend that keeps on growing across the year. Women wear it for work, for parties and even for regular use. The market for kurtis is huge, hence you see so many e-commerce and individual websites selling casual wear kurtis. 


The list of trending products will be incomplete if we don’t mention shapewear. This apparel has gained massive popularity and has been growing steadily. In fact, it is so popular that there are eCommerce stores that start their business selling nothing but shapewear

Reference Links:—CAGR

Why Are Republic Day Offers The New Trend You Should Buy In?

The sale season has officially commenced. The festive season does not hold the monopoly for the onset of sale spell. It is observed across all online and offline stores that they are highly motivated to use the Republic day for showcasing exciting offers and lure in more shoppers. ‘The Republic Day’ offers is the new trend that has everyone hooked from the big players like Amazon and Flipkart to small scale retailers. Are you still on the fence thinking what offers to choose for your product/services? We can help you to choose the best option with minimal effort. Before we start on the Republic Day offers, let’s understand the basics like what, why and how? 

Uptill a few years ago, the Republic Day sale was only cashed in by supermarkets for groceries and household items. The supermarkets were flooded with people to make the most of the sale and get the best deals. But in the past 4 years the e-commerce market has shown a lot of interest in capitalising the gazetted holidays as well. Flipkart and Amazon were also pulling all the strings to take full control over the market on the occasion of the 70th Republic Day. Flipkart witnessed a 30 percent growth in online traffic last year. Furthermore, customers also enjoyed instant discounts on gift cards & Citibank credit card holders also availed 10 percent cash back during the sale in 2019. On the similar lines, the HDFC loyalists were offered up to 7.5 percent discount with regards to shopping with HDFC Bank debit and credit cards on Flipkart. 

The general idea is that since it is an off day, most of the demographic between 15-35 years spends time online on social media or shopping websites. If these shoppers could be motivated with the right offers, it can help your business get the breakthrough that you’ve been looking for in the first month of the year. 

The big e-commerce players have already started their campaign to provide offers on books, mobiles, computers, cameras, movies, watches, media players, healthcare appliances, baby products, fashion jewellery and more. The sales are mostly starting from 22nd/23rd January and lasting upto 26th January. The great deals are all set to draw in shoppers and make the most of it. Let’s take a closer look on the different kind of offers along with the products:

  • Discount Offer: The oldest trick in the book is probably the best. Discount offers work across all categories. If you have any stock available for a clearance sale, discount offers are the best way to go. You can even arrange your product lines from latest to oldest. The latest products can have smaller discounts, while the oldest can go as high as 70% off. Do keep in mind to always advertise with the highest value. For eg. If you are providing discounts between 10% to 70%, always advertise with something like upto 70% off, this will definitely provide you more traffic. 
  • Exchange Offer: The best option if you deal in electronics. There is a huge market for old items, if you are a dealer of a one particular brand you can always provide a set discount based on the quality and condition of the old products. Even e-commerce sites have started a small calculator where you can buy new phones, while exchanging your old one. 
  • Cashback Offer: This offer can only work for if you have an online store that is efficient enough with payment options and synchronicity. If you have an e-tailer, there are always plenty of options with credit card holders. The banks themselves provide them an option. This can help you to target a specific set of audience and buyers. But it is said that if you are not speaking to someone through your ad, you are speaking to no one. So it does not matter what offers attract your shoppers as long as you can convert them. 
  • Extended Warranty: Warranty is something that has always worried the buyers of electronics. They are always on the lookout for an extended warranty. This is probably one of the safest and most convenient offers to provide. But as far as offers go, this again is only limited to the sellers of electronic products.
  • Buy X and Get Y: The offers like “Buy 1 Get 1” or “Buy 2 Get 1” are always great for apparels. These offers can be applied to already categorized products. You can always set a particular date for the same to create that urgency in the buyers. The shoppers might be saving some very small amount but they always fall for this trick. This Republic Day, if you are dealing in apparels, you can even leverage on the flag colours. It can provide you with the theme and combination. This will give you a lot of footfalls on your website or your physical store.   
  • Freebie Offers: Freebie offers are something that can urge the shoppers to always buy more, sometimes even outside their budget. The catch is to keep an exciting gift option given free on a minimum purchase. So the shoppers who are out to buy things for Rs. 1000, will buy stuff for Rs. 2499 to get that gift. If you are an avid shopper, you might have fallen for the same yourself. You always have to keep in mind and think like a shopper. What would you be out looking for? And whatever is the answer is the same thing you have to implement. 

If the above text is too elaborate, here is a chart to make it easier for you:

OffersCategories/ Products
DiscountElectronics, Fashion, Home, Health, Books, Wellness, Sports
CashbackElectronics, Fashion, Home, Health, Books, Wellness, Sports.
Extended WarrantyElectronics
Buy X Get YApparels, Accessories (Electronics & Fashion)
FreebieElectronics, Fashion, Home, Health, Books, Wellness, Sport

We at Taglr, which is  home to over 180+ websites, are also offering the sellers an opportunity to promote your offers on our platform. So if you are worried about where to promote the deals and the offers that you are providing, Taglr can provide you a great opportunity to get high intent shoppers. We have recently launched our exclusive ad platform called ShopperAds. This platform enables brands and retailers to leverage our traffic and promote their deals to more than 5 Million shoppers per month. There are ample advanced features like geo-location and gender selection to target the right audience.    


Setting up offers does not take a lot of effort, but it is very effective. The offers could be promotional, seasonal or for special occasions. If you as a seller promise the buyer to give them something more than the monetary value, they are always your happy customers. Great offers generate loyalty. If you always have one of many offers running on your products or store , it will always attract buyers. But, like any bad habit you have to keep in mind not to overdo it. You would not want to be one of those stores, where there is always the same offers throughout the year. The shoppers are getting smarter, they will surf 100 websites before they land on your store. So don’t wait around for the festive season to kick in. You can have a great start to the year if you can cash in on Republic Day. 

What Does The First Quarter Has In Store For Indian E-commerce?

The onset of upcoming trends in the Indian e-commerce is gaining momentum and growing exponentially. If we take a look at the projected statistics for this quarter, it looks promising. The most anticipated days are the big gifting calendar events like Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day. The first month can be defined as a preparatory period. The sales will be stagnant, as people are still cashing in on the tail end of the New Year deals which goes on until 10th January approx. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the Indian e-commerce market will be increasing by almost 20% in amounting to US$ 64 Billion in 2020. 

Category Composition:

The predominant category is electronics as it will consist of almost half the market at 48%, followed by Fashion at 29%. This percentage is expected to remain the same as smartphones are still one of the most searched products across all platforms. People are still shy about buying home and furnishing products online, hence it only comprises 9% of the entire industry. The baby, beauty and selfcare together sums upto 8%. The books and other products are at 3% each. The category composition projects that electronics will still be a favorite choice across the gifting events. This category composition is based on the analytics of popular e-commerce websites.  

Comparison from last Quarter:

Based on the data of the last quarter, we at Taglr observed that the maximum clicks, almost 62% in the first quarter were for the electronics, followed by fashion at 26%, then home & furnishing which consists for 8%, then lastly we observed that health and wellness got the least attention summing up to only 4% of the total clicks in the in the first quarter. As the first quarter of 2020, we expect similar behavior from our shoppers, there is an expectation that the category compartmentalization will remain the same, but there will be a surge on an average of 20% in clicks. The orders in which the categories are leading will remain the same. 

For further analysis, let’s break down the products in the major two categories and take a closer look at what products are expected to draw most attention. This prediction will be based on the search results on Taglr. This may vary for different websites, but will help you in understanding how to position your products, and which ones to showcase based on the data. Let’s begin:


The most searched product will be smartphones, followed by accessories and then laptops. The other kitchen and smaller appliances will be the last in line. The smartphone market never seems to disappoint throughout the year. With the launch of any smartphone from a leading brand, the internet searches rise. This quarter will be a great time to make sure that you are also putting the smaller accessories on the front line. The accessories sell all year long, irrespective of the season sale and events. 


The fashion industry is capturing more market every year. There are high expectations from the apparel industry. In this quarter, the ethnic wear in apparel category will be the favourite. There are big events like the Republic Day and Holi. These festivals will also accelerate the colour oriented searches for clothing. For Republic Day, the searches will be mostly for flag colours (saffron, white & green). The other major calendar event is Holi, there are a lot of offers on apparel and accessories. Shoppers will mostly search for ethnic clothes. As for Valentine’s day the main focus will be on gifting, so the apparel industry may not see a significant difference in searches or sales, but there is a big scope for other categories. 

Important Dates and Events:

Based on the search statistics of last year, the peak searches for the first month will be on 26th January. There are usually a lot of exciting offers for shoppers. Hence a lot of them are on the e-commerce websites to get a great deal. With the onset of February, the peak searches will be 3-5 days before Valentine’s day. The gifting season will be upon everyone. So the demographic between 18-35 years will be busy on the wide web looking for gifts. The searches are comparatively low on 14th February, as most of the shoppers would have already placed orders and bought gifts. The dates for the month of March will always vary. The festival of Holi has dynamic dates, but the search peaks will be seen in the beginning, mostly for Women’s day. A few days before 8th March, apparently between 2nd-5th March, there will be more traffic than usual on the e-commerce websites. As for Holi, there are specific sections of shoppers looking for a good deal or an ethnic wear for the Holi party will be spending time on the websites. 


The first quarter will give some momentum to the year, but it is expected to slow down. If you’re a  seller, the best thing to do is to bank on the evergreen products and accessories that people buy across the year. There are products like denim, shoes, books, etc. It doesn’t matter what products you are dealing in, as long as you learn how to position it in such a way that it attracts attention. You can always change the kind of offers you provide. There are multiple options for you if you want to create a loyal base for shoppers. The shoppers have to know that they will be getting the best deals from you. Keep in mind the dates and products in advance and plan accordingly.