Personalized Customer Support: Why or Why Not?

Providing personalized experiences in customer service is a very hot topic these days. Many organizations in different sectors like banking, hospitality and even e-commerce are going out of their way to provide personal assistance to customers. What is it about personalized assistance that makes it so special and is still working in the current market. In this blog we will be discussing about the What, How and Why of personalized customer services along with the benefits and challenges that comes across in implementation. 

What is Personalization?

In the retail industry customers often associate their experience not on the basis of the products they buy but on the services they get post purchase. Now just imagine if there is a personal touch, a human connection in this procedure, it will make the entire experience much better and very personal. You can think about it like this, if you walk into any store, and you are greeted and helped by the sales person over there, it enhances your entire experience. If there is a helper for the customer post purchase, whom they speak to everytime they have a customer service issues, this can reduce the number of escalations. Establishing personal connections helps the customer to contact the same person they know will provide the best assistance as they have received proper help in the past. 

Why Personalization?

Customers expect good service not as an exception but as a rule. New research indicates the consumers want highly personalized services. The good part is that consumers are willing to pay extra money for good service. From recommendations to solutions, everything is done with a human touch. According to Segment, “Shoppers expect brands to remember who they are, whether they’re on a digital channel or in-store, says Peter Reinhardt, CEO and co-founder at Segment. “However, very few companies can actually deliver on these tailored experiences.”

What do the statistics say?

Personalization has proven to drive purchases therefore increasing the revenue. 49% of people end up buying items they didn’t intend to due to personal recommendation. Around 40% of customers agreed to buying more expensive products than their budget, once they got personalized assistance. If these numbers are not enticing you then you can reflect on your own experience and conclude that every time you have received that special treatment, your shopping experience has been improved. You can bank on the customer loyalty that you always wanted. 

Our Experience

If you are still not sure whether or not you can start providing personalized experience, you should think again and start. We at Taglr are providing personalised assistance to our ShopperAds clients. It helps us reflect and understand the problems faced by our clients and help make their experience better at Taglr. 

Something as simple as knowing them by their name and they know someone in your organization, they can share their concerns with can also go a long way. It was believed that personalized services are only for service based industry but as the market is evolving so is the industry. There is no hard and fast rule or a manual to follow, it has to be based on the products or the services you are providing. 


It can be costly and inefficient for your business model. As the consumer base will increase, so will the problems and it will require a lot of manpower and technology to provide solutions. Personalization is not exactly the easiest to implement. Even if you have the technology, sometimes it can also increase your problems, rather than decreasing it. The industry standards and business structures may or may not require different kind of resources. It has to be tailor made, hence if you are one of the few people in your industry to dive in personalization, you might not profit from it as much as you hope. As you announce personalization the customer expectation is catapulted, but if you fail to live up to that expectation, that can damage the brand reputation.   


It is in universal agreement that customer service can make a difference in your business and can drive your profits. It is the key for customer retention. Tools like Trello and Jira are used for customer support. The customer loyalty that you can gain from personalized support can help your business to maintain a successful customer service and build up customer perception. We at Taglr believe in providing the best customer service for B2B and B2C clients. You can draft a very straightforward privacy policy. The customers can have a choice if they want to opt for personalized services or not. If not, that will help you keep away clients that do not wish to be assisted or the customers who may get irritated soon. Your direct effect visible in your strategy will showcase that your business is truly committed to understanding them and providing a personalized experience.

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