Artificial Intelligence on Shoestring Budget

Artificial Intelligence on Shoestring Budget

Businesses, big and small, these days are all accrediting their success to technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Big Data etc. Adapting new technologies for business has been a mantra of success since the beginning of time. And it remains the same even now. Whether you are a big multi-store retail chain owner, or a small shop owner in the neighborhood, adopting new technology for your business can certainly put you ahead of the curve.

Some of these technologies you might even have experimented with or at least would have contemplated at least once.

So, what happened?


We understand. Naysayers will always be there. Whether you are implementing new technology to your business, or just extending the porch outside. The naysayers are always there. In case of technology though, their job gets a tad easier with statements like

Oh, but AI is not for everyone”, “Oh, but do you have the tech expertise in the field of big data or machine learning.”

And your answer to all those statements, whether you have an expertise in any of those technologies or not, should be

I don’t need, the expertise.”

Yes, you certainly do not need. Leveraging the power of AI or machine learning for your business is not as complicated as you think. And we will tell you how.

Here are a few ideas that will help you leverage the power of AI on a shoestring budget.

Build A Bot  –

Whether you are looking for customer support or employee engagement, implementing a bot can help you a lot. Building a bot is also the easiest way to get a taste of the AI world. There are platform’s out there that will help you build a simple company chat-bot and integrate it into your business, for whatever need you might have. An AI bot build specifically to meet your customer support requirement will keep your business 24×7 accessible and help customers with their inquiries, even when you are not there to answer the questions in real time. This is a huge addition for any business, especially in times like this where customers are incredibly impatient. Even consumers have accepted bot support with open arms and have started loving them.

According to a study, almost 85% of all customer interaction by the year 2020 will be managed without any human intervention. Having a friendly informative bot for your business will not only make your customer happy and engaged but also will free up a lot of time for your employees, allowing them to focus their energy on other unique and challenging tasks. Even if you are looking to boost employee engagement you can integrate a bot to answer the simple HR related queries, ease up the on-boarding process, or just to help employees get answers on the fly. There’s so much you can do with just a simple bot integration.

SaaS (Software-as-a-service) based AI-Ready Platforms –

Even if you do not have a huge data warehouse or even the budget to go for an infrastructural overhaul, you still can use smart applications and technologies that use artificial intelligence at their core.

SaaS based AI-ready platforms such a Taglr are great cost-effective entry points for small businesses in the world of AI. These AI-ready solutions help you get advanced technological solutions for your business on a budget. Within minutes you can get your business listed on Taglr and leverage the power of advanced data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to take your business to your customers.

We all have already been using the AI solutions offered by Facebook and Google for our online marketing campaigns. Just like digital marketing, listing your business on product discovery platforms like Taglr can also open up various new avenues to showcase your products to potential customers.

Finally, to sum things up, if you are looking to integrate AI into your business, you aim should be to find applications that align well with your business aspirations. Whether you are looking for customer engagement, online marketing, or just to take your business to millions of shoppers in the online shopping universe, you must think through, define the business goal and the get the applications that best aligns with your business goals

With strong and powerful AI tools available at your disposal, whether you are planning to integrate AI-powered functionality to your business now or sometime down the road, it’s very important to understand your business goals and identify what will match with them perfectly. ')}

E-Commerce Digital Marketing Trends For Your Business

E-Commerce Digital Marketing Trends For Your Business

We are in the year 2018, by now the fact that e-commerce is the future is no secret. Even if you take the in-store purchases into consideration a lot of them are influenced by the e-commerce industry and the digital marketing trends. With the number of potential customers adopting technology as their primary source of information regarding their purchase, the retail stores can no longer survive without being present channels preferred by their customers. Integrating digital marketing and e-commerce is the need of the hour for every retailer in the modern market.

While the established commerce players continue to see a surge in their customer base, there are plenty of new e-commerce players have entered the game in recent past and carved a niche for themselves. If anything, it is a clear indication that the digital e-commerce market is far from being saturated and if done properly, there is plenty of success for every aspiring retailer. The key to success, however, remains the implementation of right digital marketing tactics. And with right tactics in place you can set your business on course to endless growth.

So, we decided to dig deep into the modern digital marketing trends and list down some key e-commerce digital marketing trends that can help you. We think these are the trends that are and will continue to dominate the modern e-commerce market.

Let’s dive straight in now.

Easy To Navigate Website Structure

Your website is the doorway for your customers to your business and unlike your brick-and-mortar store, you are not there to assist them for anything they are looking for. In such case, it is of utmost importance that your website interface does the work for you. In the modern market, the customers have the attention span of a toddler, one wrong click, one improper button placement and you will lose their attention. Nothing makes a user hate a website more than a complicated web design. So, the mantra to success here is to keep things simple.

Here are few tips for a simple easy to navigate website structure.

  • Make all the pages of the website easy to access. In order to do so, make sure all your main categories are unique and distinct. All the subcategories should also be relevant to the main category under which they are nested. Having an easy to navigate website not only will help the user go through your website in a proper manner but also makes it easy for the SEO crawlers to crawl your website.
  • Keep the content, simple and easy to understand. Users are on your website to shop not to read literature, so why subject them to it. Keep the messaging across the website simple and easy to understand. Use humor if you want, it will make the user take interest in your website and consequently spend more time browsing.
  • Do not stuff the page with too many call-to-action buttons. Too many pop-ups or barricades like email and mobile number verification at the very first visit could make the customer hate you right from the very first click. Let them browse the website and products without any hindrance and once they are ready to make a purchase they will fill in the required details with pleasure.
  • Finally, keep the color scheme modest and not jazzy. Too many colors on the website could turn off the users fast. At best use three colors that best describes your business.
  • Keep your content concise and crisp

Every word on your website demands users’ time and the more words you use, the more time the user has to spend to go about exploring your website and no one likes reading too many words when they can just click buttons and move ahead. So, here are some quick writing tips for your website copy.

  • Use concise and crisp sentences as opposed to long unnecessary statements.
  • Use shorter words. E.g. “You get” as opposed to “You receive”
  • Avoid complicated words. E.g. Why use “utilize” when “use” is just fine?
  • Avoid any dialogue that can be used later or used just once. E.g. “Kindly share your feedback” or “We would love to you hear from you”
  • Make your customer feel important

Every customer that visits your website is a potential customer, treat them well and make them feel important. Not with too many pop-up “Welcome” message though. Seek their suggestions on improving the services or products they offer. Check on if they are happy with their purchase and overall experience in a timely manner. And most importantly let them know that you care and go out of the way to make things happen for your customers.

And for our final e-commerce trend to keep in mind for your business we go a bit technical.

Use AI if you can

Artificial Intelligence now has made it possible for the retailers to track every action of the users. The way they interact with the website, the products they view, the devices they use to browse and shop etc are just some of the data points that AI can help you keep track of. But that is not all, AI is the future of e-commerce and with platforms like Taglr using it to tailor a platform for modern retailers, it’s just apt for you to make use of it for the greater good of your business.

The data points that AI can provide are pretty much endless and with effective use of data analytics retailers can open a whole new world of opportunity for their businesses. Be it converting a potential customer to a regular customer or providing end-to-end customer support, Artificial Intelligence can help you in all of it. With a personalized shopping experience, customers are bound to come back to you, which ultimately is the goal of any business owner. So make good use of AI and platforms using it to great effect like Taglr.

These and many other e-commerce digital trends are likely to dominate the modern e-commerce market. And we will be discussing them as and when we needed, so keep watching this space and let technology be your best friend as you foray into the new age e-commerce market. ')}

Future Of Online Shopping

Future Of Online Shopping

We are seeing an unprecedented growth in mobile technology with path-breaking developments taking place on a daily basis. Be it the emergence of voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa or the emergence of artificial intelligence in pretty much every field you look around. In a lot of areas the human intervention has gone down significantly, be it the complex field of medical treatments or just the everyday shopping. The technological developments have reformed them all. And with so much happening around, it’s about time we discuss the future of online shopping because as evolved as the modern online shopping experience is, it’s far away from done and there is a lot to come.

One major factor contributing to the incredible growth of online shopping is, the mobile technology is witnessing incredible development and the increased adoption rates for them. Online shopping in current times has become an imperative part of one’s life. Hence, whether you are a business owner or an avid shopper, it’s very important that you pay close attention to what’s coming in the world of online shopping and what the future holds for it.

So let us get started.

The significant growth of digital channels

According to a study, almost 54% of purchases made by the millennials are through online platforms as opposed to 49% by non-millennials. On a whole, almost 51% purchase made by the modern-day shopper is through online platforms facilitated by product discovery platforms like Taglr.  The growth of digital channels like Taglr and many other product discovery channels now allows the online shoppers to discover products on multiple online and offline stores at once. It not only saves a lot of time for the shoppers, but at the same time makes it easier for them to compares, evaluate, and verify their purchase from more than one platform.

The increase in the number of mobile devices, easy connectivity and access to desktops further boosts the reach of such digital platforms. And while desktops still dominate the online shopping sphere with a majority of purchase taking place on them, a lot of shoppers have moved to other devices such as smartphones and tablets. All of it will only grow in future and will make digital channels a primary source of shopping and product discovery for the shoppers.

Smartphones are the future

The immense growth in mobile technology has fueled the significant growth in online shopping to primarily. According to a study, online shopping through smartphones has seen significant growth in recent times with both retailers and shoppers adapting the “mobile-first” strategy for their respective gains. A lot of retail businesses have started optimizing their business strategies to focus primarily on smartphones by listing their businesses on different online marketplaces.

There has been a major shift from PC to smartphones as the primary source of information and a majority of shopping interactions take place on smartphones these days. According to a study, almost 40% of smartphone users use their smartphones for online shopping, which makes them all very important for the retailers. For the businesses, it is of utmost importance to be discoverable over smartphones to attract customers to their stores. And platforms like Taglr are enabling that through their platform by allowing retailers to list their products and take them to the customers looking for them.

Hence it is safe to say that even though desktops and laptops still dominate the online shopping world, smartphones are not far behind and with changing technology sphere smartphones are bound to emerge as the primary mode of any shopping interaction.

The rise of cross-channel shopping

In store or single channel, shopping has always dominated the Indian markets, with as many as 60% of shopping happening through a single channel. However, with the rise of online shopping platforms and the easy access to the internet, customers have started moving towards the e-commerce websites significantly. According to a recent study, the multi-channel or cross-channel shopping has seen significant growth in recent times. The modern customers are spending more time researching online about the purchase they are about to make before putting money down the table for purchase.

The emergence of online product discovery platforms has only empowered the online shoppers by providing them a unified platform for all their shopping needs. Customers not only can view products from an online store but at the same time can check the same product at a store near them. This not only allows them to make smart shopping decisions but also provides a level playing field to the retailers to compete with the established online e-commerce players. It’s a win-win situation for both, the retailers and the shoppers.

The emergence of the digital native generation

When we are talking about online shopping it’s tough to overlook the millennials, who currently dominate the online universe. This is the generation that’s shaping the retail trend with their shopping habits. Their technological prowess puts them ahead of your everyday online shopper as they have grown with the trend of online shopping and have embraced the change as opposed to the older generation, which still has their own fair share of reservations about online shopping.

These are the shoppers who begin their shopping journey with a simple search on the app and are more likely to go through a thorough examination of the product by checking the product ratings, product reviews, and photos before deciding to make the purchase. This is why it’s imperative from the retailers’ point of view that their products are made visible to this generation. Retailers have also started tailoring their offers and products to meet the need of the millennials and are embracing the power of technology to serve them.

And that is what the future of online shopping is. Focus on mobile devices, embracing the power of technology, and catering to the newer generation that’s growing with the technology. Any modern day retailer who can capitalize on these three aforementioned aspects of online shopping is bound for success. ')}

Your Retail Business Needs Online Presence

The one question that always crosses the mind of a retailer with a brick-and-mortar store – big or small – will have to be – should we or should we not take the business online?

Whether you are a big successful retailer with a flourishing retail store in the neighborhood or a multi-store owner with presence across the city, the dilemma to take the business online is always there.

There are arguments made both in favour and against the idea of taking the business online. And somehow all those arguments make sense at the time they are presented. As a result, you are left perplexed and confused, which then more often than not leads to you dropping the idea of taking your business online. But with the worldwide eCommerce sales expected to grow to $4 trillion by the year 2020, we believe it’s about time you take that decision seriously.

And to help you make that transition from your popular brick-and-mortar store to having a prevailing online presence with Taglr here we have listed few compelling reasons to help you take the leap of faith.

We are not saying that by the end of the article you will be on a call with one of our representative talking about getting started in the online shopping world, but we assure you that the article will give you something to think about.

So, let’s get started.

Cost Effective

As a retailer, the first thing that you must think of while making any business decision is of making it cost effective and profitable. And that’s exactly what taking your business online offers. Setting up an eCommerce store with platforms like Taglr in current times is incredibly low cost.

Whether you are a tech-savvy individual or just a small store owner, we will help you take your business online in no time, while saving you lots of money and time. When you compare the cost of taking your business online with the cost of setting up a physical store, the difference will make it clear to you that taking the business online is a smart move.

The online advertising platforms like Taglr not only makes it easy for you to take your business online but also provide an easy and fast content management system,  which you can use to manage your inventory effectively. And let’s face it, inventory management for any retailer in current times is the biggest headache. So if there’s a system that can take that overhead from you, it is a smart move to try it out.

24×7 Visibility

One of the biggest drawbacks of having a physical store is the operational hours. Now, you can keep your business running 24×7 but you can not make customers walk into the store as a result of which the visibility of your store and your products get limited.

But none of those drawbacks are applicable to an online store. With an online presence, you are accessible to your customers irrespective of the time, you can make a sale anytime from 2 am to 10 am when the traditional stores start their business. The clock no more is the binding factor for your business and in the modern times when the customers are online 24×7, you wouldn’t want to miss out on them.

No Geographical Boundaries

An online store takes your business beyond any and every geographical boundary as opposed to the offline store which restricts the sales and visibility of your product to a specific area. Whether you want to sell internationally or just to the neighborhood kid, it all depends upon you. With just some easy and simple paperwork you can take your business and products internationally.

With your store online, you can now discover customers from different parts of the world, nationally or internationally, which will help your business grow tremendously.

Personalized Shopping Experience

One of the biggest advantages of having an online store is that you can pay detailed attention to every customer that visits your store. It is a tad tough to do the same in a physical store as there is a limitation of space and resources, but with technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning at your service, you can customize your services to an extent that every customer will get everything that they want.

Be it the simple “Welcome Back” message or the product recommendation based on their past shopping or showing product suggestions based upon their shopping pattern or history, just lifts up the overall shopping experience for the customers and makes them feel wanted and overwhelmed.

You can also use AI assisted bots to help the customers shop or to assist them for when they are stuck at any point just makes online shopping easier and convenient for the customers.

The detailed analytics report offered by online shopping platforms like Taglr enables you to tailor your products and services according to every individual’s choices and preference. The more personalized the look and feel of the store the higher are the chances of them shopping with you and building a loyalty to your store.

Final Words

These are just some of the many advantages or reasons why your retail store needs an online presence.  Whether you are looking to scale your business or just looking to make some profit by taking your products to new customers, going online is the way forward.

If you still have any reservations about taking your retail business online, we will be more than happy to help you with it. Just write to us at and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. ')}

Let’s simplify online shopping

Let's Simplify Online Shopping

Online Shopping – as fun and exciting it may sound, it is a painstaking task too. For every product you want, there are hundreds of sellers, platforms, variants, and not to mention discounts floating around. One simple search could bring you ample options to browse through the whole day and yet end up not buying. As a result, more often than not, you develop a loyalty to a certain platform, to a certain seller, or to a certain discount period for your shopping needs. You stick to routine every time you do product hunting online. And while all that is great, there are chances of you missing out on a better alternative on a different platform. All you need is just a tad more time on research or a platform that will do the dirty work for you.

That’s online shopping from the shopper’s point of view.

Now, let’s see the seller’s point of view.

In the widespread web, there’s immense competition on every “search query.” For every search query, there are millions of results, some relevant, some not so. But when it comes to online shopping, the competition gets fierce, as here while most of the results are relevant, not every result gets the desired attention. As a result, some businesses flourish and establish themselves as the industry leader, while some just strive to remain relevant.

But is online shopping as complicated as we discussed above?

The answer to that will be “No.”

Though, not every business or shopper understands that. So, we decided to simplify online shopping for you all.

In here, we will discuss some key points that not only will help the shoppers pick the best platform to shop from, but also will help the sellers reinvent themselves and reap the benefits of their years of hard work.

So let’s get started.

Understand the shopper(s)

The most crucial thing for the modern businesses is to understand their customers/users. The same is applicable to the customers/users too. They need to find the business that understands them best. A business must address the need of the user in the most efficient manner possible. Understanding what the user is looking for and providing them precisely with that will go a long way in establishing a bond with the user.

In the current times when everything we search, say, or do is getting turned into data, it’s of utmost importance for the businesses to use that data for greater business gains. A lot of modern users still use the traditional feedback collection as means to improve their services. While the big e-commerce giants use data to analyze the customer behavior, their buying pattern, their interests, their likes and dislikes to tailor their services. As a result, they connect with the user right from the first click on the platform.

Now, analyzing data and using data for business gains might sound a lot of tech work or something for the tech-savvy retailers, but that’s not true in current times. With a platform like Taglr, you not only can collect all the relevant data about the customer behavior but can also use it to tailor your services according to the customer(s).

Personalize your offerings

Personalization is a sure way of winning over a customer right from the first visit. As mentioned above, in the widespread web finding the right product could be a daunting task, add it that seeing different products, sellers, websites every time you go on the internet and you have in hand a confused-least-likely-to-shop-customer.

Hence it is very important that the retailers personalize their service as much as they can. There are recommendation engines which gives product suggestions based on the user’s buying history, the last page they visited, the last category they visited etc. All of this helps the user in making the buying decision without wondering here and there.

It not only will help the shopper make a clear buying decision, but also will help the seller streamline the online shopping on their platform. And Taglr can help both, the shopper and the seller in doing so with its powerful recommendation engine. Taglr makes product search more efficient by using big data analytics to understand the shopper behavior, the shopping patterns and the interest of the shopper all at once.

AI-assisted shopping experience

In every online shopping experience there comes a time when the shopper will either forget to edit their shopping cart or will forget a product or two that they should’ve added while they were shopping and not while checking out. This not only will cut down the check out time, but also will provide a more comprehensive shopping experience.

This is where the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the world of online shopping comes into play. The AI algorithm identifies the products that are in general bought together or are bought before or after a certain product and once the user adds any product to their cart the algorithm modifies the suggested product list to help the shopper continue shopping without doing a fresh product search. As a result, the customer gets all the products he/she needs on one page as opposed to opening a new window for every product or doing a fresh product search. It’s a win-win situation for both the retailer and the shopper.


These simple yet efficient ways in current online shopping age could be the deciding factor between a successful online business and a business just trying everything to get the attention of one user at a time.

At Taglr, we are trying to offer a complete suite of all such features that not only will simply online shopping for the shoppers but also will help the businesses achieve their business goals with minimum efforts. So, if you still think online shopping is a complicated and confusing process to go through, let us simplify it for you. ')}