Get Your Business Effective Omnichannel Retailing In 2019

Get Your Business Effective Omnichannel Retailing In 2019

Omnichannel retailing is the mantra for success in the modern e-commerce market. With online shopping growing leaps and bounds with every passing day, retailers across the world are turning to omnichannel retailing to drive profits to their business. If you are using a retail management solution for your business, you must make sure that they offer your customers the best shopping experience, irrespective for their shopping mode.

In simple terms, an effective omnichannel retailing solution will create a seamless shopping experience for the shoppers on every channel. Whether the shoppers are in your brick-and-mortar store, browsing your website on their home PC, or are discovering your products on product discovery platforms, their experience should be smooth at any given point.

And it is the only way to remain competitive in the fast-paced e-commerce world in the year 2019. So, here are some simple omnichannel trends that you need to take care of to grow your revenues and get your business right at the top, where it belongs.

Make Your Business Omni-Device-Accessible

According to a recent study published by Google, almost 85% of shoppers start their product discovery on one device and end on another. Your customers might browse your products online the whole day on their smartphone or PC and might end up buying it from your brick-and-mortar store in the evening. If your business is not able to accommodate such shopping experienced, you are losing out on such omnichannel shoppers.

Also, while you are making sure that your products are available across different devices, you need to make sure that they are displayed perfectly on all the devices. The web pages should have a responsive design to make sure that they are rendered properly on all devices. Whether it’s a desktop, a TV, a phone or a tablet your web pages should have the same content quality across all screens. It is also advised to use analytics to understand the shopper behavior and interaction with your web page. This will help you optimize them better and help you in your device-targeted marketing campaigns strategies.

Use AI and Machine Learning To Offer A More Personalized Shopping Experience

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have made a huge impact on the retail industry. Not only the tech giants like Amazon and Google but also the smaller retailers are leveraging the consumer technology for their businesses. With the accessibility of consumers likes, dislikes, shopping pattern, and preferred mode of shopping, retailers now can run campaigns and offers tailored specifically to every individual or a particular set of consumers.

Features like virtual try, a 3D look at the product, and setting up a reminder for a product that is out of stock are just some ways in which artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped the retail industry. Businesses have also used personalized messaging and retargeting to greater effect to capture the consumers online. As the technology world grow, the way with which businesses interact with consumers will grow too and if your business is equipped with the tools needed to accommodate that change, you certainly will get a competitive edge over your competitors.

24×7 Customer Service

One of the biggest drawbacks associated with brick-and-mortar store has always been the limited visibility of the products. Your products in your store are only visible as long as the doors of your store are open, once you shut them down, your products become inaccessible to the customers. But with an omnichannel presence, your products remain discoverable even though your store doors are closed. This is why product discovery platforms like Taglr are growing in popularity day by day. Taglr keeps makes your products visible even after your operating hours, which means consumers who are keen on online shopping can still order your products and get the desired customer service even when your store is closed.

This one advantage that omnichannel retail has over the conventional retailing channels. In recent times the search for “24×7 customer service” has seen a growth of over 400% and hence more and more businesses are leaning towards it. This presents you with an opportunity to stand out from your rivals and shows your customers that you care for them at all times.


With the growing use of technology in all walks of life, it’s vital for the businesses to be present omnichannel to attract the users they so desire. These omnichannel retailing trends might seem like a daunting task, especially for the small-and-medium-sized businesses operating in niche markets, but if done right, they can be the deciding factors in any businesses’ success or failure. ')}

E-Commerce Digital Marketing Trends For Your Business

E-Commerce Digital Marketing Trends For Your Business

We are in the year 2018, by now the fact that e-commerce is the future is no secret. Even if you take the in-store purchases into consideration a lot of them are influenced by the e-commerce industry and the digital marketing trends. With the number of potential customers adopting technology as their primary source of information regarding their purchase, the retail stores can no longer survive without being present channels preferred by their customers. Integrating digital marketing and e-commerce is the need of the hour for every retailer in the modern market.

While the established commerce players continue to see a surge in their customer base, there are plenty of new e-commerce players have entered the game in recent past and carved a niche for themselves. If anything, it is a clear indication that the digital e-commerce market is far from being saturated and if done properly, there is plenty of success for every aspiring retailer. The key to success, however, remains the implementation of right digital marketing tactics. And with right tactics in place you can set your business on course to endless growth.

So, we decided to dig deep into the modern digital marketing trends and list down some key e-commerce digital marketing trends that can help you. We think these are the trends that are and will continue to dominate the modern e-commerce market.

Let’s dive straight in now.

Easy To Navigate Website Structure

Your website is the doorway for your customers to your business and unlike your brick-and-mortar store, you are not there to assist them for anything they are looking for. In such case, it is of utmost importance that your website interface does the work for you. In the modern market, the customers have the attention span of a toddler, one wrong click, one improper button placement and you will lose their attention. Nothing makes a user hate a website more than a complicated web design. So, the mantra to success here is to keep things simple.

Here are few tips for a simple easy to navigate website structure.

  • Make all the pages of the website easy to access. In order to do so, make sure all your main categories are unique and distinct. All the subcategories should also be relevant to the main category under which they are nested. Having an easy to navigate website not only will help the user go through your website in a proper manner but also makes it easy for the SEO crawlers to crawl your website.
  • Keep the content, simple and easy to understand. Users are on your website to shop not to read literature, so why subject them to it. Keep the messaging across the website simple and easy to understand. Use humor if you want, it will make the user take interest in your website and consequently spend more time browsing.
  • Do not stuff the page with too many call-to-action buttons. Too many pop-ups or barricades like email and mobile number verification at the very first visit could make the customer hate you right from the very first click. Let them browse the website and products without any hindrance and once they are ready to make a purchase they will fill in the required details with pleasure.
  • Finally, keep the color scheme modest and not jazzy. Too many colors on the website could turn off the users fast. At best use three colors that best describes your business.
  • Keep your content concise and crisp

Every word on your website demands users’ time and the more words you use, the more time the user has to spend to go about exploring your website and no one likes reading too many words when they can just click buttons and move ahead. So, here are some quick writing tips for your website copy.

  • Use concise and crisp sentences as opposed to long unnecessary statements.
  • Use shorter words. E.g. “You get” as opposed to “You receive”
  • Avoid complicated words. E.g. Why use “utilize” when “use” is just fine?
  • Avoid any dialogue that can be used later or used just once. E.g. “Kindly share your feedback” or “We would love to you hear from you”
  • Make your customer feel important

Every customer that visits your website is a potential customer, treat them well and make them feel important. Not with too many pop-up “Welcome” message though. Seek their suggestions on improving the services or products they offer. Check on if they are happy with their purchase and overall experience in a timely manner. And most importantly let them know that you care and go out of the way to make things happen for your customers.

And for our final e-commerce trend to keep in mind for your business we go a bit technical.

Use AI if you can

Artificial Intelligence now has made it possible for the retailers to track every action of the users. The way they interact with the website, the products they view, the devices they use to browse and shop etc are just some of the data points that AI can help you keep track of. But that is not all, AI is the future of e-commerce and with platforms like Taglr using it to tailor a platform for modern retailers, it’s just apt for you to make use of it for the greater good of your business.

The data points that AI can provide are pretty much endless and with effective use of data analytics retailers can open a whole new world of opportunity for their businesses. Be it converting a potential customer to a regular customer or providing end-to-end customer support, Artificial Intelligence can help you in all of it. With a personalized shopping experience, customers are bound to come back to you, which ultimately is the goal of any business owner. So make good use of AI and platforms using it to great effect like Taglr.

These and many other e-commerce digital trends are likely to dominate the modern e-commerce market. And we will be discussing them as and when we needed, so keep watching this space and let technology be your best friend as you foray into the new age e-commerce market. ')}